Power brick for Signia Pure Charge&Go X charger

We use our truck camper for days away from a power source so I need a way to power the inductive charger for my Signia Pure Charge&Go X aids. Neither of the two power bricks we already own work. The Signia charger just turns itself off after a short period. Signia only recommends one charger which gives a two day charge…not nearly enough. Anyone else have experience with this?

No experience, but just thinking. Would the charger that takes a 2 day charge recharge from the power bricks?

you have to have a power pack that does not automatically power itself off or the hearing aids will discharge just like you are wearing them. In fact I am in the process of trying to find one myself. If you find one please let us know.

I hadn’t realized that power packs turned off when the charged item is finished charging. This explains why my husband’s Phonak HAs seemed to charge from his power pack but ran out of oomph in the middle of the next day. Thanks for pointing this out.

Hope you find a solution. I am going to trade these Signias in for the old battery version.

Thanks. Good idea to try.