Poster search


I want to contact a poster from this thread, from a year and a half ago.

When I click the name or avatar on almost all of the posters in that thread nothing happens.

How do I reach out?


Abram would be the only to person to help you. He could maybe confirm that the old user has their option of sending an email notification upon receiving a PM set to on. Even that is getting into a bit of privacy issues. If the user did then you know they’re incommunicado assuming you tried sending a PM and got no reply.


I haven’t seen @Corona in a coon’s age.


Was the thread I linked, before the change over and would that have a bearing. Hardly any of the posters there are accessible via name/avatar.

pvc…yes, I was trying to connect with Corona. Did you know that somehow or just connect the Canada dots?

I don’t see any way to search for posts by member either.


If an old user does not go through the change over to the new site then their userid just sits there. Just as we all had to go through a hoop or two to be on the new site.
I don’t know if any other personal info from the old site was brought across or whether it was just simply the userid.
You can use advanced search to search for a user.


Ha; Sometimes you just know who someone wants to talk to :sunglasses:

When searching use the @whahuh or whatever member id you like.


Yeah, sure. You used that secret decoder ring and saw who I was looking at. So, can you help me get in touch with Elvis?