Post withdrawn by author


That is the freedom you have my friend. But nor does anyone have to abide by your proclamations.


This is going nowhere useful.


Heck, it started nowhere useful.


OK, I just made a big blunder and started an erroneous thread.
It was a perfect example of why withdrawals should be allowed.
I tried to figure out how to delete it, before others saw it and wasted their time, but couldn’t.
So I edited it instead.


Hey, back on topic. I like that!


I deleted the thread for you. For future reference, you can flag your own post if it needs moderator attention.


Ok, thanks, Rasmus. So, in effect, there is no real “Post withdrawn by author” function? One needs to ask for it?

What gets my goat is the “must have x words” to title and post.
“Thanks” being the best example.

I hope Abram finds fulfillment.


Thanks pvc. I’m a moderator on three other boards (on other topics) so I should have known better. At 82, sometimes my youthful exuberance gets the best of me! LOL!
Regards, Nate :smiley:


Useful for who? You? Sure. From your perspective.
And look…the threads-of-interest poster has shown up here and has not said anything resembling a problem with whatever flows from his reference threads.

Look…I get staying in the realm of the topic title so as to give readers a reasonable expectation of what they’re going in to read. But c’mon… sometimes things just pop up, have a short jog, settle the matter and then inevitably return to the topic title.
Why must that be the end of the world?


Your list; your rules. Simple as that. Great site.


Now we’re getting whole threads withdrawn. People were trying to help and boom withdrawn at author’s request.


I’m not seeing any deleted threads in the logs, other than those removed by moderators.


There was one that I saw. Some good advice and a bit critical of the OP. She request removal of the thread. I thought some of the advice going away was a negative.


It’s not a problem. We have an abundance of redundant free advice.

Who cares whether it gets deleted or fades into oblivion?


I still miss Doc Jake, though :’(