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Tell it to Doc Jake @Kenji.


You just tagged someone called kenji :slight_smile:
Is some reincarnation of that guy still around?


There doesn’t seem to be anyone here that remotely resembles such a pattern or problem as Jake. I wouldn’t lump a post in the wrong spot similar.


There’ve been a couple that I’ve wondered…is that Doc Jake??


I am not easily exercised by thread hijacking. I am dismayed that some of our answer-bots in their zeal to answer each and every question as quickly as possible have no respect for Product Information threads with multi-thousand-views.

I think you should stay on topic in the Product Information threads and you should invite others to do the same. Chat all you want to, just do it somewhere else, not in the Product Information threads with multi-thousand-views.

You are lessening the value of the Product Information threads when you post off topic.


Well…I tried to pull an off-topic away once and no one bit. So it’s not a guarantee that the off-topic will go away.
I also find your use of the term “answer-bots” a little offensive. But I have thick skin. If that term is at all being directed at me (amongst others) then pardon us for trying to be helpful. I’ll tell you that my motivation is to pay-it-forward as you say. I’m so appreciative of the experienced, expert help around here that if I can answer something then that’s my way of pitching in trying to be helpful to pay it forward.


You provide a valuable service to the constant stream of newbie questions. I thank you and the others for that service. Without it many questions would go unanswered. Let me put it this way;


I get your motivation and reason for those threads. It’s sensible and reasonable. But this all isn’t the personal pvc forum that is policy-bound to bend to your preferences. Rule #1. Thou shalt abide by the whims and wishes of one pvc :slight_smile: We would all like things we interact with to bend to our preferences. But that’s not the real world.

For me, I’m reading new posts in a thread. Something twigs in my feeble brain and I click reply and fire off something of whatever nature. For me to exit the thread, click new topic up top and go through all that then go back to the first thread and post “hey look over here in this thread I just made and answer my dang question” is quite entirely laborious. In that first thread a poster has the attention of the thread. To pull away from that thread isn’t a reasonable method to maybe get a reply to the question. The new thread may very well simply get ignored. Of course many posts do too. But at least in the first thread peoples attention is already there and they too can simply click reply and say something if they wish and not go all the way out and down to the new thread.

Now certainly some questions could lead to a long drawn out discussion or details that one might not want to then clutter up an existing thread (particularly a reference thread like your examples) and so the REPLY’re could if they so chose make the new thread and tell the questioner to look over there for the answer. But the questioner is just asking a question in the context of what is currently going on. And as I experienced maybe nobody goes over there anyway and the off-topic carries on.

But at the end of the day…it takes all kinds. Live and let live. I see this as a gathering place for us all to share experiences and information.

The End


By that logic if we ignore the topic in threads like Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information), then we may as well ignore categories too. Just put everything in one big cluster.


I don’t bother going in to read many threads. If the title doesn’t interest me or I know nothing about it then I don’t read it. If it seems to be getting a lot of traffic I might go in to see what’s going on for curiosity.
Using the Latest choice up top kind of washes out categories anyway.
So no I wouldn’t want to see one big cluster which I assume you’re meaning one giant meandering thread of everything. :astonished:
I’m just stating how I approach these kinds of forums.


Frankly I don’t mind either way, I’m odd in that I do like to see what had been put prior to author deleting posts. However I understand when numerous posts are stuck on 24 hr delete it could be seen as annoying to newbies or look like clutter.

We all do it at some point go ooh crud I missed that reply mines similar, it gives us members a chance to either delete or just edit immediately.


Do you all think a 1 hour window would be preferable to immediate deletion? @z10user2 I’m going to keep the revision visibility for now. I like it.




But there are other specific threads with 4-5 K views you would need to include those also. Maybe a general comment about starting a new thread for a specific question could go in the general instructions for new users. Point out that threads become long and unwieldy and encourage the behavior you want to see.


No i don’t think so. Just the traditional, helpful, announcing new tech, threads by @rasmus_braun!! I think we should show them some respect. I consider chatting on those threads disrespectful. They are heads-and-shoulders above other opinions about new technology.


Then lock them. People can ask and talk about them in other threads then. The likes of rasmus can make the big announcement. Then a thread can be started called something like the news item discussion thread.
So then short of locking…it would just have to be lived with that stuff gets added to the thread and sometimes stuff wanders off. It’ll come back. Chill pill and all that.


Several times in the threat "The Great Gun Debate people posted something and then within a short period of time deleted it when someone posted something in rebuttal to the now deleted post. I would like to see it harder or take longer to delete something.


I would like to see the moderators just set a rule and everyone learn to live with it like adults!


Well that was something to see. I noticed a new post in a thread and went to read it. It was there and I barely read a word or two and then poof …nothing… gone.
So there it is. Delete is delete. Turns out the user wanted the post in another thread. I’m good with delete.
Interesting that the thread got bumped even though the post got deleted.


We’re all learning @Deaf_piper :slight_smile: Basically, I’m a perfectionist, trying to build the perfect community … and sometimes finding the balance between spam protection and user-friendliness is a challenge. When I feel strongly enough about something, I set the ground rules, don’t consult anyone, and expect people to live with it … but sometimes I’m just not sure what’s best, and some experimentation and discussion is needed. Hope that makes sense.