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When you aim high you at least get somewhere!





Yet the OP of them doesn’t seem to care.


If it’s not pinned and locked it’s fair game.


That’s what I’m sayin’…


Thank you sooooo much @NateS for taking the chatty Generic Hearing Aid Accessories topic out of Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information) and moving it to a separate thread. I very much appreciate that you got the point and moved that discussion into a separate thread.

I’m pretty sure that others (maybe even thousand of people) who are, or will be, specifically interested in information about the Kirkland Signature 8 will unknowingly benefit from your effort to keep that thread on topic.

To other naysayers who don’t think we need to bother about keeping any thread on topic, did you know that the Stay on Topic rule is mentioned in all forum etiquette write-ups?


I don’t agree with your conclusion.


The OP in question even has the power to lock. If he cared he would do so. Or he would complain about off-topic posts in his threads. He does neither.


Your are right about one thing. He doesn’t complain.


I don’t see any mention of such a rule here in the terms and conditions.


Etiquette, not Terms and conditions.


We can chat away in this thread, I don’t mind.


Ok, Got a link???


Yep, Google…


Here. I understand that may be etiquette but there doesn’t seem to be any declaration here.


I never said there was.


Then we’re good…


We were always good, until it got too ridiculously chatty in the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information) thread.


And we’re back…says you.
You’re not the thread/forum police.


I don’t intend to be. However, from time to time I will remind ppl not to hijack threads.