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I am really finding this objectionable. It is a way to withdraw a snarky post or one that really is somebody being “clever” instead of helpful. In the old software, we didn’t see these kinds of post with the regularity they have here.

If you say it, live with it.


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Well we all change our mind about something we have written occasionally. It isn’t always a smart ass comment. It could be more than one wants to share or something ephemeral. What I object to is the carcass of that post sitting around for “24” hours. Seems like an unnecessary safety net.


It’s a bit distracting but mostly I assume the post was inappropriate or incorrect and mostly don’t bother to look at them now.


It said Hahahaha, this will be funny. Hey the carcass of my (Hahahaha, this will be funny) is gone! That’s very cool!!


What the difference between (post withdrawn by author) and the next edited post.


ETA: Whoops #3


You wanna remove edit too?


I think some of you should use (post withdrawn by author) more often. For example, to cleanup the off topic crapolla in the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information) thread. I did exactly that. Hint: :wink:


I set this to 0. So immediate deletion is now possible. Others, please let me know if you prefer the “old way” of 24 hours…


Nice one Abram. Any thoughts on edit histories? Visible or not?

Edit: I was going to ask about “Are you sure you want to delete” before I tried it and it offers an undelete (in that moment) to change your mind. Works for me.


I think being able to take back words is a good feature. I’ve noticed some on the forum are reluctant to admit errors. Any option that lets them correct things is a good idea.


@pvc OK, you’ve made multiple “clever” post to demonstrate. Now you’ll delete them all. But, we all read/put-up with them. Is this necessary or even constructive?


@rasmus_braun made the point that the 24h thing may be useful for moderation… so if we find the instant deletions lead to more trolling or other bad behavior, we’ll move back to 24h system. Thanks!


Maybe I’m dense here. What does seeing a deleted/withdrawn post do for us? We as users can’t see what was said and now deleted. We just see a notice that the now on screen notice will be deleted in 24 hours. That’s just rubbish. Somebody enlighten me as to what the point of it is.


I think it’s the other side of your hold-everyone-to-what-they-say argument and I have no plans to delete any of the posts. Except the the carcass of my (Hahahaha, this will be funny) which got deleted because of the 24/0 change.

Let me explain further, in the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information) thread I did a lot of withdraws. You should be thankful. Aside from all the thread hijacking that was going on in that thread why should future hapless readers (who are just there to read about the KS8) have to put up with things that I posted like this;

I made my temporary point with such an image. The message was sent and received. But after my point was received I saw no reason to leave those obnoxious posts in place for future readers.


You could have looked at the contents of the deleted post for 24 hours by clicking on the little edit pencil. Additionally, you could have flagged the post that was deleted, but now someone can say something offensive, and then immediately remove it… that is the potential issue @rasmus_braun is concerned about… but I’m hopeful if any users abuse the change our community will alert the moderators directly. I can’t see it being a huge issue, but I could be wrong.


Which is what my comment was about. Whether a history should be kept. Whether the editor or all can see it. I’m not sure that I need to see my history. I make an edit and then leave it. I delete it - it’s gone - same thing.

I’m assuming the admin can see deleted posts to track down the quick offense/delete.


I understand you’re easily exercised by thread hijacking. Sometimes that might be something to state. Other times it just denigrate. Many times someone is seeking help – just in the wrong place. If you see that the courteous thing might be a PM to explain that posting in an appropriate thread could get them better answers and you won’t have to go back and delete a ton of posts. Then they won’t think forum police which is another annoying attribute. If it is highly inappropriate, that is a moderator call.


One hour might be long enough for most of our johnny-on-the-spot posters to spot abuse.