Post Surgery for CI - dizziness


I am new here and am looking forward to the support…

I just got a CI implant on July 23rd and was activated a few weeks ago. Yesterday I had my first mapping ~ what a difference between the first and second audio appointments! I am 51 years old, my hearing was never an issue until the past 10 years and it has been a fast decline. I have bad tinnitus. Been wearing hearing aids and have been missing a lot in conversations.

I was super dizzy right after the surgery, which was to be expected. How long should the dizziness last? I no longer am dizzy all the time, but when I lean over and stand up I am. Does this sound normal? I don’t want to bug the surgeon if it just takes time. I assume it varies from person to person.

Are there some exercises to regain balance/stability?

Thanks in advance,

@amyisacson hello I got my CI on July 8 this year. I was told by my surgeon that vertigo was one of the possible complications. If I was to suffer from it it would eventually resolve itself with time. But as you say each person is different and it could take a few more weeks. I didn’t suffer from vertigo post surgery but I did post activation. They figured out which electrode was causing the dizziness to occur and turned it off. Since they turned off the highest frequency electrode I haven’t suffered from any further dizziness.
I hope your hearing journey is going well for you.


Thank you so much for the response! I have no more dizziness and am doing much better now!


@amyisacson how is your hearing going now that you have had several mappings?
I was was activated July 24th, so just over 9 weeks ago. I’m interested in how you are going as we are traveling this journey together.

I had dizziness about 5 days after my surgery. It was only temporary and went away after I got some food in me that morning. It also reoccured a couple weeks later but again, went away quickly. Months later, I found my head spinning at night when I shifted to a different position on the pillow but that has not happened again since then.