Possible to synch pair of KS9s to different bluetooth sources?

Currently I have different hearing aids in each ear (Phonak M30R in left ear, KS9 in right ear) and I love keeping one of them bluetooth-synched to my cell phone and the other to my computer (for Youtube videos, etc.) Question: Would this be possible if they were both identical? (I’m advising someone else who is considering KS9s.) Can you simply give them different device names and synch them independently? Thanks.

If you have 2 x KS9, you won’t be able to sync them to different Bluetooth sources at the same time.

I know why you would want to do it tho. I used to wear 2 x HAs until I had surgery on my right ear. I liked to have my Phonak Roger synced to different things at the same time.

You mean it’s not as simple as giving them different names, and then pairing a particular device with one or the other name? For instance, I renamed my Phonak M30 to “Craig’s Left Hearing Aid” and that’s what I chose to synch with my computer in Windows.

You can rename them but they won’t act as single HAs as only one has Bluetooth and the other doesn’t. Bluetooth doesn’t work for both HAs.

For my one KS9 (right ear) I guess I got lucky. Thanks.

I’ll share all facts, so that you have full picture, even though I believe you’re already aware of first part.

  • You can connect your m30 to one source and ks9 to another source, nothing stops you from that

  • you can also connect both of them to the same source, if the source supports bt signal splitting
    you might then encounter different latencies per aid, but might not (I had with HA + headphone combo)

  • what you can’t is connect one to one source and have the same signal in both
    no matter which one is the one

  • also you can’t connect one to two sources and let it automatically switch which sound to send to you ear (with ks/marvels)
    paradise series that comes will support simultaneous connection with two BT sources

now more in depth
ks9/marvels for streaming work in a way that one is master connection - phone BT to HA, and another just steals the stream, so it’s not directly connected to the phone

one way you could force your two KS9 to connect to different streaming sources at the same time is that they’re disconnected and programmed separately (could be same session, they just have to be separated), then each will have own master BT connection, and you can easily choose in your phone to which HA you connect to, for example

but, then they won’t work together for programs like speech in loud noise, 360 and similar, since they won’t communicate

plus you’d have to change volume on each separately

and I’m not sure if my phonak app / KS equivalent would support it
I think it might since it connects to each separately using BT LE anyway
at least for volume control since you already can to that
but I think other things would kill it

didn’t try that yet, can do if you really need it, I’m lazy to do it just for science :rofl:
I can only think that this would be ok workaround for someone who isn’t in complex situations and doesn’t need all 4 mics working together plus have similar hearing loss on both sides and can cope well with hearing some specific source only on one side
So if the person has somewhat active lifestyle and needs the most out of it, then going with paradises when they come up would be the way (or some other company that already supports 2 devices for streaming source, I think there’s some, don’t know the name)

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this info. Most I didn’t know, or hadn’t thought of. And I understand enough now to move forward. Cheers!