Possible to Purchase Costco KS10 with one visit


I have had a pair of Phonak Marvels for 3 years plus and love them. The rechargeable batteries are deteriorating and only hold a charge for 8 hours so time to get new hearing aids.

I would like to purchase a pair of KS10 at Costco but the issue is I live in Thailand and visit the US for less than 2 weeks so no time to do an initial visit and then the follow up fitting a couple weeks later.

I will be in Long Island for 5 days next month so I called a Costco hearing center in NY. Offered to send them my Audiogram, receiver part number, and have my brother provide full prepayment. They said they cannot. Don’t understand why they are so inflexible.

Any ideas on what i can do? Is there a corporate Hearing Aid support center i can call and request to speak to a supervisor for this special request.

Any assistance would be truly apprecited.


My understanding is that they need to make sure a full audiogram was done (all frequencies and masking) If you asked if they could have a KS10 on hand (they keep plenty of receivers in stock) so that you could complete purchase in one visit, they might consider. I’ve heard of others having success with this approach.

MDB, thank you very much for your reply. I will be in Atlanta, NJ, and Long Island. Tried the Garden City Hearing center on Long Island, will try some others and see what can be done.

Talk to at least the department manager then escalate to the store manager.

Thanks will do that. Will call a few stores on Long Island and NJ and see what they can do.

Will report my results here.

This happened for me with my KS9s. I told them I for sure wanted the KS9s, so they had one in stock for me when I got there and I walked out with them fully programmed.

However, I’ve had to go back several times for a programming change and tweak, so keep that in mind. However I believe they can do that over the internet, maybe others can confirm.



Thanks. The KS10 can be programmed remotely for sure. I also have the programming equipment and the Audiologist/Phonak dealer in Thailand tweaks my Marvels purchased in the US for about 15 USD per visit.

He offers the Paradise here for about 3,000 USD each with only a one year warrantee and no loss warrantee. He understands i will buy the new ones in the US and has no issues.

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Since the marvels are so similar to the ks10s, I bet costco can copy the programming from your marvels and pop it into the KS10s, if they are willing. Someone else can comment on whether this is actually possible. Since you have your marvels tweaked how you like them, this might save a lot of time.

If you think getting a sophisticated pair of aids programmed properly based solely on your audiogram, then I would call Costco I advance to see if they could have the aids waiting for you
Personally I’ve never had that happen but I wish you the best

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Thank you everyone. Have been able to schedule an appointment along with the hearing aid being available for the fitting the same day next month.

I would rather them start from scratch instead of copying the Marvel program. Will tell them additional programs so they can input them.

Will let everyone know how it works out.


I presume you charge your aids at night, which means they would be sitting in the charger at 100% for several hours. From what I’ve read about LI-ion batteries sitting at full or very low charge is not good.

Thus I suggest when you get your new aids, you turn them off, put in the charger and then wait until a couple hours before you need them to turn on the charger (use a timer if necessary).

I’ve been doing that with my KS10’s (although I’ve had them only 15 months, so far).


Just wanted to update you on my success with Costco. I called a few Costco and the one in Clifford NJ was very cooperative. The confirmed an appointment in September during my visit to the US. They confirmed to have the hearing aids available on my first visit. I sent them my Audiogram prior to the visit. They were very professional and efficient. My tests and fitting were all accomplished in an hour. Love the hearing aids and glad all turned out so well. I am back in Thailand and the local audiologist offers the P90’s for ~6,000 USD per pair with only 1 year insurance and no loss insurance. A great value from Costco at 1,400 USD.


@hennyx How did you enroll with Costco?
Here in the UK, you need to be on certain categories so you can have access to Costco warehouse.

@Baltazard] I have been a member for many years now. Just went to one of the warehouses and registered.

Glad it went well. Must be nice to have your aids adjusted based on your audiogram and never having to go back for further adjustment. Don’t know about the insurance since the aids come with a warranty but so be it. Good luck


The originally programming was based on all my tests at Coscto and work fine. They can also remotely program the hearing aids. Also, I have everything needed to program the hearing aids myself and my Audiologist in Bangkok sells marvels and services/programs my original marvels I purchased in the US for a very reasonable price. Here in Thailand the price for Marvels/Paradise is 3,250 USD each with only a 1 year warrantee.