Possible to hear bass in music


I was just wondering with my hearing loss in my left ear if it is possible to get “full” sounds from a hearing aid? I have a siemens Pure 500 and it is set to my audiogram automatically and at a 25 db volume I believe. I can definitely understand speech and tv a littler better (now that I have a double dome that reduced feedback). But music and speech for that matter sounds very mono and does not sound full at all. Hope I am explaining this ok. Please let me know.

Freq L R
250 35 0
500 30 5
750 20 0
1000 10 10
2000 20 0
3000 55 5
4000 65 5
6000 55 15
8000 30 5

Speech recognition with left was 80% at 75db.

Many newer hearing aids have a program available that can be set up specifically for music, that you would switch over to whenever you want to listen to music. Base can be adjusted then to your liking.

Ok Thanks. I do have a program set up for music. I will just have the audiologist turn up the bass. Sorry if my question was basic, I’m just trying to find out if there is anything I may be missing to make sure that my hearing aid sounds as natural as possible.