Possible Problem With Hearing Aid?

Hi There,

I have an Oticon Tega Pro that I have been wearing for about five months. It’s been working perfectly up until a few days ago. The sound started to fade out and I thought that the battery was probably going dead however, I never heard any of the beeps indicating a dead battery. Now, while there is some sound it’s not anywhere near what it was. When I change the settings I hear a very faint beep when cycling through them. Also, when I adjust the sound the beep that indicates the optimum volume level is also very faint whereas before it was very loud and clear. I can’t hear nearly as well as I could previously. I would guess it’s about 1/4 to a 1/2 of what it was. I did try a new battery but got the same results. I thought maybe the ear mold was plugged so I cleaned that out as well but still it’s the same.

So my questions are these:

Do the hearing aids themselves need to be cleaned? It’s never been but I don’t know if they need to be.
Could it be the earmold? The mold I have is old, about 4 years or so.
If the aid is defective, does anyone know the approximate time and cost of getting it repaired? I don’t have warranty on it, I got it free through a friend of my brother in law who is an audiologist. He also lives about 1000km away so I can’t go to him to check out.

I had also thought that maybe my ear was plugged or something but I go to an ENT fairly regularly for cleaning so I don’t think that was it.

If anyone can help me I would really, really appreciate it.

Thanks very much

I just had my Oticon DigiFocus repair. It’s an older model…Oticon does not
repair them anymore…my dispenser says Oticon keeps parts for 5 years.
Repair place he sent it to was (of all places) Starkey. I paid a couple hundred…cheaper than a new aid.

I would have your audi or dispenser see if Oticon can repair it. They
still sell the Tego Pro so I assume they still repair them. Oticon may
even just swap them. This is definitely the way to go and what you want.

There are some repair places on the internet (but you’ll need someone to
reprogram it)… best to go through your audi/dispenser.

I’ve had about 50/50 luck with the second party repair. One aid no difference,
the second one is not the same. Time for new ones for me.

Thanks RM for replying. I was able to book an appointment with an audiologist for tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to finbd out what has happened with it.

You reminded me of another question that I had. Does the aid maybe need to be reprogrammed?

Thanks again!

I recomend you use a global dry and store…
I would definetely change the hook and the damper…
for sure, the tube should also needs replacement

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Thanks a lot xbulder! I read up on the dry and store and it sounds like the moisture problem is what is happening to me.
Pardon my ignorance, but what is the hook and damper?

Thanks again

the plastic hook (clear) that conects the hearing aid with the earmold right?
Inside there is like a filter, but as time passes this filter gets fill with water and moisture. This filters helps to smooth the higher frequencies.
I would definetly change the hook, the earmold if it is 3-4 yrs old and the tubing ofcourse…

The dry an store is a magnificent product… But there are many others that work in a similar fashion

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Yeah, my last HA needed repair due to moisture…I got a lot of static
right after I had sweated on it from working outside. In the past, a night in my Dri-Rite (jar with blue silica crystals…ie poor man’s dry and store)
had gotten rid of the moisture and the problem went away. This last time
no amount of drying it out woudl get rid of the static. Hence my repair.

I’ve had good luck…7+years with my Dri-Rite jar. Moisture must have
killed it this last time.

My dispenser has a vacuum chamber machine that he placed aids in but that
did not revive this last time either.

there is a new fantastic machine call the spin doctor which works real well, I also use the Rejuvenair … great machine