Possible faulty hearing aid



There is some progress!
Yesterday, I managed with great difficulty to connect the V90`s to the PC. The plug is incredibly awkward to align, and requires a firm push. I copied the settings, and had a look.
I have not made any changes, although now I wish I had. Today, I just cannot get the plugin at all.

At the moment I dont feel im getting value for money, my brain is really struggling,although there are a few small changes.
There is now some LFspeech from the left, and is very useful. With the right, loud voices seem to screech, and are distorted.
I can hardly hear program change or volume beeps on the right, although medium is selected for both.

For the first time, Ican hear program, and volume beeps in the left. Although the volume beep sounds more like a clang. If I increase the volume one step, I can hear the PC fan. That`s also a first.
Looking at the right graph in Target, the MPO is 14db above G80. This will account for the overly loud voices, and should have been corrected.

Our Supermarket trip this morning was a disaster. My wife uses a wheelchair, and communication is via a Contego. Background sounds were excessive, and louder than my wife`s voice. Although she said there was hardly any noise.

I should get a phonecall Thursday, to arrange another appointment. It can`t come soon enough!


I have used a #2 pencil eraser to snug the male cable head into the hearing aid female connection just because there is not enough space to get big fat fingers into the tiny/tight space. HOWEVER, you really have to be sure you have the correct alignment first before you start pushing on this with a DIY tool.


Sorry don’t know my UK geography but are you remotely close to Um bongo?


About 6-7hours drive each way unfortunately.


Sounds like maybe his wife would like an overnight road!


Thanks for the offer, but I don`t think my wife would agree. UK roads are no where near as good as those in the US.


I have given up trying to put plugs into impossible sockets. The iCube is an expensive solution.

At my appointment today, the left aid was set up according to my prescription. No idea what that is, but my own programming was no where near it. Gain is increased at mid frequencies, that I didn`t know I could hear, but responded too in the hearing test.

The Duophone has been activated, but I can only hear my mobile as a squeaky voice in the right, and a dull thumping sound in the left, not in both ears at once. Will I ever!

The beeps are louder,and the confusion about them was because both volume and program change were synced. I am used to separate volume controls.
Background noise insupermarkets hopefully is now reduced. I have a “T+m” mix, but the volume is now -12, instead of -6. it worked in M&S, so i`ll find out tomorrow.

At the moment, I can understand my wife, although speech is a little gruff. There is more bass, but there could be too much in a few days. My brain will take time to get used to the new sound, which in time should be better.

I am now more hopeful than I have been. Specsavers are doing their best, so I have to do my bit to prove these new ears are worth the money…


Just a quick update, Target 5.2 is now available. Though, with you being in the midst of trying new settings with your audiologist I’m not sure if you are still interested?


iCube won’t work. The V90 requires an iCube II, scroll down in this >>link<<


Thanks for that link pvc.

I think I shall have to forget programming, unless things go very wrong. The audiologist is not keen for me to have a play.

He tells me that my brain has to un-learn seven years of my programming, and re-learn today’s.


I took my new V90`s to a party last Saturday. In the car, I could hear everyone talking, but it was all very distorted and squeaky. I only hear HF in my right ear.

At the party, the V90`s speech was loud enough, but still very distorted, although I could understand most. Maybe the zoom helped. I was surprised to hear three people talking across the table, but unable to understand all that was said. I usually only hear a distorted buzz –Progress of a sort!

I am told my brain will adjust to these new settings in a few days. Hopefully speech will become clearer, or will it? My right ear has had twelve years to hear mid and low frequencies, and it`s not happened yet.
Is there any proof that it will, or am I wasting my time? I cannot find any information about the brain filtering out distortion.


Member 50,
I don’t think you’re wasting your time, but there’s no guarantee you’re going to be satisfied with the results. I have no idea what your audiogram looks like. “A few days” to adjust sounds overly optimistic. I think weeks is more likely and it takes wearing them day in and day out. Just wearing them when you think you “need” them doesn’t cut it. Good luck, and keep your audiologist informed of your progress.


After a month of distortion, I was about to give up, and get a refund. But I like what theses are capable of, although so far the distortion has been too bad for them to be really useful.

I had an appointment yesterday, and he was still fighting a losing battle with distortion, and could not find the cause. My suggestion that maybe I needed to change to the Naida Q, was answered with “ they are not as good” which is probably right. But if I can hear better with them, it would solve a lot of problems.

I don`t understand that each time they are setup to my prescription, they sound different. Now the soft sounds are at an acceptable level, but they were not there before. The left HA sounds better than before, and I could hear my wife clearly calling from the kitchen, but cannot understand her close up. So I decided to go the DIY way.

Having spent most of the morning programming the right V90, I have definitely made an improvement. Last night, the loop was dreadful. Now it`s much clearer, as is the Soundflow.
I did it by showing the Compression from the menu. Then adjusting G80, G65 and G50 to get a reasonably even line around 1.6 to 2. Not always straight, but the result is more impressive than before. I expect it will take a few days for me to get used to the change, but I think I have a better starting point now. I may have to live with a certain amount of distortion, which is down to my hearing loss.

I was going to get an appointment for next week, but now I will see how well they behave with various voices, and situations over the next week.


After a month of distortion, I have discovered the cause. I have always used NAL NL1 fitting algorithm, as any others usually do not work for me. Yesterday I found these V90`s were setup with Adaptive Phonak Digital. So I am a little annoyed, at the time wasted trying to do the impossible.

The right is a bit sharp, but that may improve in a few days. I can hear the TV fairly well without the loop, so I now have to try them out in the wide world. Its a shame I didnt check before my weekend away, as that would have been a good test.


I’ve been following you on Action on Hearing Loss forum but I can’t seem to log in now. It’s Phonak Sky.

Glad you’ve found a solution as to why your Naida’s were sounding so bad.

How long left have you got on your trial period? Maybe you could discuss whether you could have a longer trial period?

I hope you get benefit from your new Naidas now. :slight_smile:


I believe I have already answered that, but I am thinking of asking for another month.

What seemed to be good then, changed the next day. My wife complaining that I can`t hear her, and these are a load of rubbish!

Changing from Phonak Digital to NAL NL1, was not a quick fix. We went shopping today, with the V90s. At the bus stop, I could hear a man talking ten feet away, but not my wife standing next to me. Hearing anything on the bus, was a definite no. Where was hearing in noise, and the zoom mic. The same in shops where I could not hear the assistant. I managed to get an appointment at Specsavers for Monday PM. He didnt raise an eyebrow, when I told him the wrong fitting had been used.

There have been many missed opportunities over the last few weeks, to try these these out, and each time I have had to revert to the Nathos. That says a lot for the NHS.

So a couple of questions please!
How does an audiologist know which fitting to use?

Target default, is Adaptive Phonak Digital. Is this used for everyone, and is that why so many HA`s are in a draw. The average person would not know this!


Sorry, have just seen this thread again.

It’s like the old Pirelli advert, ‘Power is nothing without control’ - Same problem here IMHO, loads of power, plenty of distortion and no improvement in the clarity of sound, especially in background noise.


I live in hope that when they get the correct algorithm, I have been used to for the last twelve years, I may see/ hear an improvement. At my age, I do not have time for my brain to get used to distortion, and think it`s clarity.


How was your appointment JohnD?


I explained that I cannot use the Phonak Digital Formula, and needed them set up with NL1, but he didnt bat an eyelid! They are clearer, but still using the Nathos, as the V90s are not that good when talking to anyone yet.

It`s getting difficult to get the right amount of bass. I thought it sounded good, with just enough, but going outside, makes you realize there should be more.

I have another appointment this Friday, when I think I will have to go for a bit more bass than I need, and hope it settles down. Keep you posted…