Possible faulty hearing aid



She may have a valid point :wink:

An abundance of fiddling took place in your >>Moving to a new PC thread<<


I don’t know what you mean Target won’t export to a file? Yes it does!

Caveat, I do image backups of my entire C:\ harddrive in case something goes wrong I can restore my entire C:\ harddrive from the image backup. With a fresh image backup stored away, I would feel safe enough to try the following,

  1. Phonak Target >Clients & Sessions >Show all >Click a Client

  2. Phonak Target >File >Export Client >Select (Export all clients) >De-select Export anonymously >Choose/Browse to a specific export file location/name >Export

There, you have exported to a filename of your choice.

  1. Control Panel >Programs and Features >Click (Phonak Target) >Click Uninstall

  2. Download a new version of Target5.0.1 from >>here<<

  3. Install the downloaded Target5.0.1.exe file

  4. Phonak Target >File >Import client >Browse/Select the previously exported filename >Import

  5. Phonak Target >Updates >Download and Update Target 5.1.0


In case image backups are of interest to a future reader, here’s a >>(http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?21259-Image-Backup-via-Windows-10-Backup-and-Recovery-tools)<< on the subject.


Thanks very muchmenglxs.

Updated, but still noBelong in the list, so perhaps it`s as Psocoptera says, and I will findout if I connect it.


They are not listed as Belongs. They are listed as Audeo B and Bolero B The B is for Belong. Sorry if I confused things earlier by calling them Beyond.


Belong is a platform of phonak HAs, not a series or model, belong platform include audeo B, bolero B,……Which is your HA model? Phonak Nathos S+SP? Mybe it is need phonak IPFG to fitting.


Hi menglxs.
Thanks for that info.

The Nathos are a Spice chip, so Target is fine.
I had an appointment yesterday to try, and hopefully buy either a Venture or Phonak B aids. They now only fit the Belong series, and as my hearing is complicated, he is going to fit a Phonak Cross, although I told him I have no mid and low frequency hearing in the right, and the left is dead.

I have tried myself,and failed. So I shall be interested in what he comes up with. You cant amplify what isnt there to start with.


Hi JohnD,

Nathos S uses The Phonak Target 3.3 to fitting, pls see:

Phonak Target 3.3 download link
http://fittingsw-objects.phonak.com/SWUpdates/Target/Phonak Target 3.3.0/PhonakTargetCustomer3.3.0.3860.exe


I’m in the UK like JohnD is and I can only get the Phonak Target 5.1, no more then that.


But I can get the Audeo B and the Bolero B on the 5.1 version.


I didn’t get 5.1.1 until I did this (from PVC):

there should be an (Phonak Target 5.1.1) update to be installed when you click Updates at the bottom right of your Target window.

[quote="Zebras,post:29,topic:26150"] I'm in the UK like JohnD is and I can only get the Phonak Target 5.1, no more then that. [/quote]


Target 5.1 should fit the same instruments as Target 3.3.


Is the Phonak Nathos hearing aid a UK version of the Phonak Audeo S (Mini, Smart, Yes) hearing aid? Am I understanding that correctly?

Oh, and btw> It’s Phonak CROS, not Phonak Cross.


Same here, Zebras.


The Nathos is similar to both of those, but without the advanced controls. It is produced for the NHS by Phonak, probably at a cut down price.

Sorry about the Phonak Cros, but I shall be cross if I can`t try something newer, and hopefully better…


Phonak CROS = Contralateral Routing of Signal

Here’s what it does, if someone is speaking into your ear that cannot hear, then your wireless hearing aids will route the signal over to your good ear.



Yes, Target 5.1 is the latest version available. More specifically (Version as shown in;
Phonak Target >Help >About Phonak Target

Target 5.2 is not available yet.


My appointment today did not go well.
I was not surprised that my right ear did not play ball with the Cros System. There is no mid or LF frequencies to boost. After much tweaking, it was decided that I was right, and needed two aids with moulds. Both he, and his colleague did try very hard though.

They have been ordered,and to two Phonak Venture V90`s hopefully will be fitted on Thursday.
The program settings from the Nathos NHS aids cannot be read by their system, so cannot be copied.

I`m wondering how my left aid will be set up. It could be a steep learning curve for him,and a bit frustrating for me. But I am hopeful that there will be some improvement in my hearing, for the price I will be paying.


Not wanting to interfere here, but they are going to struggle to deliver enough sound to you - And given that you’re already wearing Nathos, any gains are going to be marginal. You might want to see if you can have a blast on the Enzo2 - just for the accessories and connectivity - the amount of usable gain will be better too IMHO.


Thanks Um bongo.

There is enough gain,its clarity I need, and something a little more helpful with the phone. I shall be getting two Naida V90 SP. He says its a sledgehammer to crack a nut. As long as it works out, I will be happy.Thursday should be very interesting,if expensive…


With the help of two staff and the Phonak rep, the Naida V90 SPs were fitted yesterday,and set up in Target. I dont understand why the right is not as good, even starting from scratch. The Nathos was set up at the hospital, and never changed. It was always a little on the sharp side, now the Naida is more mellow. So maybe a little disappointed that my hearing is not too wonderful at the moment, but hopeful.

The left proved to be as difficult as I had expected, and I was told that programming your own aids was not really a good idea! Not sure if he means you can go outside certain parameters. However, the MPO must be about right, as my son has a very loud voice, and I can just about understand some of what he says, so it should be ok with screaming children.

I do rely on a lot ofLF in the left ear, as that is where my hearing is. But it also causes me problems with loud male voices and can be very gruff at times. But that was all I had.

Now low frequencies are there, but not as aggressive. My hearing is more even, but very distorted. I can mostly understand my wife talking as she drives, and theres less interference from the open window. Peoples voices at the garage were not too loud, although I couldn`t understand what they were saying.
I find the microwave more subdued, and plastic bags are quieter. Very soft sounds are not there yet, like the PC fan or a clock ticking. The TV loop improved over last evening, and is not as shrill as before.

Being told that these are set up differently to the Nathos, and my brain will take possibly two weeks to adjust to the new sound, is impossible to believe at the moment, but I will persevere, and ignore the urge to connect to the PC, even to have a look.