Possibility of Surveys?


How tough would it be to set up user generated surveys? This was prompted by a comment that likely most forum users hadn’t had REM and was curious. I think Abram has set some up before, but don’t know if that would be open to users. Thanks.


@rasmus_braun may know. He mentioned a forum software upgrade was needed to resolve a different issue.

I do not know what software we use here.


  • It would be tough
  • It would be Easy-Peasy using Options/Build poll

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Followup question:

How difficult would it be to have a documentation section for users to know how to use the available forum features? :wink:

  • Yes, Forum Support category is our documentation section
  • No, Forum Support category is not our documentation section

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Though the OP may prefer wordsmithing because he may not be wild about putting effort into organizing stuff into tables or polls just to make it look nice :slight_smile: Hahahaha


If I’m interpreting correctly, I need to learn how to use Markdown? (or something else like HTML)
Been doing a little research, but will likely talk to my son (CSCI major). Doesn’t look hard–I just don’t know how to do it. If you’d do a quick edit on one of your examples, I think there’s a good chance I could figure it out from looking at the edit.


Okay reply to this thread then click Options and select Build Poll.

That’s it!


Here’s a picture;


Build one here as practice before you try it on a new thread.

  • Yes we need an obvious pinned or bookmarked thread listing forum instructions
  • No, keep me in my ignorance

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Now that there is funny. Hahahaha.
btw> I started a real REM Poll.


Is that referred to as RREM? See my technique of waiting long enough for you to do it still works! :>)
Seriously. Thank you. I do intend to look into it more later today.


Critique perhaps applies to most of example polls humorously created here but polls should be objective, dispassionate presentation of alternative choices. Polls which present “biased” alternatives should be subject to removal, IMHO.

Might be good if in Search there was a specific way to look for polls or a way for polls, wherever posted, to be reshown in a virtual polls thread or library to make it easier for folks to check whether a poll was just done two months ago before launching another one on the same topic, etc.


OK, I played with it a little. Yes, remarkably simple. Does not seem to require Markdown if using the “Build Poll” feature. Neat. Thanks again.


Markdown Tables are also remarkably simple. It just about getting the syntax correct.

  1. Here’s a visual aid
  2. The Markdown Table code inside of a Notepad Window that will recreate the visual aid
  3. And the resultant Markdown Table

Oh, the double asterisks may be confusing, that just means BOLD


You Bill
Ones 2 0
Twos 8 8
Threes 6 6
Fours 8 12
Fives 20 15
Sixes 18 12
Sum 62 53


Another example; Suppose you want to add a third column (titled Total). It’s simple;

Here’s the high-lighted Markdown Table code changes;

Here’s the Resultant Markdown Table;

You Bill Total
Ones 2 0 2
Twos 8 8 16
Threes 6 6 12
Fours 8 12 20
Fives 20 15 35
Sixes 18 12 30
Sum 62 53 115