Portable (size of an iPhone max) DAB radio with Bluetooth to use with my Phonak Marvel

I assume you can get DAB in the US.

I’ve searched eBay and Amazon and just can’t find a portable (size of an iPhone) DAB radio with Bluetooth.

I know my iPhone can play the radio but that uses data (internet) so I’m trying to find a DAB radio that I can play at work through my Marvel.

I want a DAB rather then just FM as the channel I like is only on DAB.

I’ve searched and searched and just can’t find one.

If you know of a place online, let me know as I’m willing to buy from aboard as well.

Hi Zebras, I don’t think there is anything available. Can You Get a Mobile Phone with DAB Radio? - Best Radios

Aw thanks. Never heard of wish but I’d take a look. :smiley:

DAB is digital radio in Europe in North America you need HD FM - check it out on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/digital_audio_broadcasting

Don’t you have any WiFi at work? Or aren’t you allowed to connect your iPhone to your local wireless lan?

I’m not meant to have my phone / cell on me. :-/