Portable FM radio Bluetooth & Phonak ComPilot, how to disconnect when you can’t turn Bluetooth off?

I’m looking at different portable FM radios on eBay to buy.

None of them can have Bluetooth turned off or on like you can do on a iPhone.

The ComPilot II says it can pair to 6 devices but can only steam to 1 x Bluetooth audio and 1 x Bluetooth calls at anyone time.

How do you disconnect from a portable FM radio with the ComPilot so I can use other things as well like the TV Link?

It might be simple but I can’t figure it out.


Can the fm radio be turned off. If not remove the battery from the fm radio.

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What happens when you step through the programs using your Compilot2?
When AutoSense starts which Bluetooth device connects?

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Thanks guys. Didn’t think to turn it off, lol.

Also as @Raudrive says, cycling through the programs works as well.

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