Popping or clicking noise when I eat or talk

I’m so excited to have found a site forum like this! I was born with SSD and was always told that I would need a BAHA to be able to actually process sound correctly. Amplification isn’t enough. But after a test to see if I was a candidate for BAHA, the doc found that the newer hearing aids actually make it possible for me to recognize and process words! It’s a crazy experience to all of a sudden be able to hear the world in ‘surround sound’!

The doc fit me with a Phonak Marvel ITE with a custom earmold. It’s taken some adjustment to get used to but I have noticed that I hear a pop or click sound a lot when I eat or talk. Is this a normal thing that I have to get used to or is there a fit issue that I should ask about?

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Yes it happens either you get use to it or the ear mold isn’t quite right for your ears. Talk to your Audi about it

My soft silicone ear molds do this too. Impossible to have a conversation while eating.
As cvkemp said, ask your fitter about this.
Sacrifices we make to hear words.