Popping in ear

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss. I started treatment two days after I lost my hearing. Lately and quite often I have been hearing a popping sound in my deaf ear. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it’s a sign of improvement or just apart of the hearing loss.

I had moderate - moderately severe hearing loss in one ear, and had a delayed treatment about 4 months later (this past July). For a few days after each steroid injection I would get lots of popping sounds. It felt like the liquid was working its way through.

The treatments gave me a 10db improvement, and I got hearing aids, but just a couple of weeks ago I woke up to normal hearing. I have no idea how much of an anomaly this is. It’s been almost 3 weeks now and I’m keeping my fingers double & triple crossed that I retain my hearing. The ENT had no explanation for this unexpected improvement, and only offered me well wishes on my recovery.

My hearing came back just a couple of days before my trial period was up. My audiologist extended the trial by a month. If I can still hear in 2 more weeks I’m returning the hearing aids.

Good luck.

(ignore the sig file. It’s no longer accurate. As of now L has improved almost to the level of R.)

I am happy for you Judy. That’s great news. I would only hear the popping after the steroid injections. I had my fourth injection last week and since then I’ve been hearing the popping every day. I had a hearing test on Wednesday and the results showed my hearing is the same, but the ENT said its most likely due to the fact that my deaf ear currently has an infection. I’ve been trying to stay positive and upbeat, mainly because of stories like yours. Thanks for sharing.