Poor sound quality when streaming to KS9

Spending my first day with KS 9s. Am I expecting too much when streaming to my aids as I find sound quality poor, almost like static.
I am testing with a Dr Cliff video and my chromebook. Listening “normally” with headphone/no aids or with aids is great. Turn on the bluetooth to stream not as good sound quality fair. I can understand but wouldn’t want to listen for long.
Same when I did a phone call via bluetooth.

Any suggestion as to what I could adjust?

Thanks much

Do you have the Phonak phone app?
You might try switching the Bluetooth bandwidth setting.

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What kind of domes do they have you in @nancydrew? Fully open, or vented?

How? My bluetooth is set to “Fixed” on the app and I don’t see anything else that looks as if it would change bandwidth.

I have small, vented domes,

You have another choice, adaptive.
Might be worth trying.

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Your lower frequencies loss is in the turning point of 40 dB or more. This is usually a time to consider earmolds. Power domes (double domes) might do well too.

I have KS9’s and the myPhonak app, but the Bluetooth streaming program doesn’t have any options except the balance between “surrounding” and “audio,” and the separate left and right volume. I’m guessing I don’t have the adaptive/fixed option because I have an iPhone 6 and perhaps it has an older Bluetooth chip?

Do you have the firmware update that came out a month ago or so?
The new app has this Bluetooth bandwidth setting control. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android.

Yes. The myPhonak app won’t work with the KS9’s without getting the firmware upgrade first.

yes, just got it 7.29

I recently bought a KS9 as a back-up to my Resound. Long story short, I almost bought a Phonak M90, but needed a cochlear implant in one ear and the Phonak doesn’t sync with the implant. When I found out the KS9 is very much the same as the M90, I bought one because I loved the M90 aid.

My aid has the firmware update and I still had the My Phonak app on my phone. Costco just linked the KS9 to the Phonak app. I just checked the app. i have the option to have either fixed or adaptive bluetooth.

It might need a firmware update. What also might be a problem is how it paired to the Bluetooth. I have had to tell the phone to forget the device. Then have it repair to the Bluetooth. The quality was vastly improved.

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Will give that a try.

Thanks for the suggestion

Changing call bandwidth does nothing when streaming via A2DP (media like music or video). This only affects the HFP profile for phone calls and really only should be used for iPhone xs and xs max models.

The best thing to improve streaming sound quality is move to double domes or a set of custom tips/RIC shells with smallest tolerable vent size. The more your ear is blocked up the better the bass response and this means streaming sounds a lot more like earphones. The compromise is your own voice when talking and chewing.

You can also improve the sound quality of streaming by changing the receiver option (the thing sitting in your ear). To my ear the P receivers also offer the best bass response for streaming, although they are bigger physically in the ear and may not fit comfortably. The S receivers are the worst for streaming and can distort so if you have them currently fitted move up to the M receiver!



Streaming has its own programs, which are automatically generated from your base program in quiet. But they can be adjusted to fit you better. So take notes and go to your fitter :slight_smile:

@bigaltavista I noticed better stability and other side said they hear me better when I switched from fixed to adaptive, on Samsung s8. And I think I got better distance. Granted this with hear me better could be bunch of things, I didn’t take notes.

Also, if someone has ric, one solution for streaming can be ear protector that has sponges that sits on top of the entry, something like this


Thanks all, I am taking notes of hearing in different situations and will be talking with fitter next visit.

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You have ot think about your phone.

I have KS 9s. When changed phones, the quality became great.

Got a new phone-Android 9 and bluetooth 5 . Have been testing and sound not using BT is fine. I go back to Costco the 12th and will have it as an issue.

Sound quality with out BT is fine. I tested headphones, great sound, set headphones to BT and poor sound. Only variable is the BT.