Ponto for me?



A little bit about my hearing situation… I was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome and paired with that is some form of hearing impairment. In my case, My outer ear never fully developed and is just disorganized cartilage. My ear canal is blocked by cartilage. Far as I am aware, my inner ears are perfect with some minor loss on one or the other side.

I have always worn a bone conduction hearing aid by Oticon. You know… that headband with the microphone piece on one side and the cord stretch over the head to the oscilator.

When I was 17 I got the BAHA cohclear implant surgery. When I was able to start wearing the BAHAs, I absolutely HATED them. Going from analog to digital was a world of a difference and one that I did not like. It was like being in a vacuum.

Anyway, my hearing aid I have had for almost 10 years has just fallen apart. I had a new cord and oscilator rush ordered and am currently wearing it now. It is an adjustment, like any time having to change a hearing aid, but in a day or so it will be fine again.

However, ideally, I’d like to find some alternatives that having to wear this headband anymore.

I have recently discovered the Ponto which comes in the same form as the BAHA cochlear. I figure, since I have been raised on oticon products, I might find it more comfortable to transition too.

So I have a few questions about the Ponto cochlear device.
A. Any reviews would be great!
B. Can this snap onto the same screw that I have recieved for the BAHA?
C. I was told that it is adjustable from analog, in between, digital- is this true? Or can it come in analog form?
D. This is not about the ponto, but has anyone heard of soundbites oral hearing aid? Or any other suggestive alternatives that may be worth looking into?

Please and thank you!



I just found out about the Ponto. I was told it may or may not help me (imagine that) but my insurance would pay for it. I want to find out much more as it seems to be a procedure that takes less than an hour.



i’m getting implant in december

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