Poll - Does your Professional hearing aid fitting include REM/Real Ear Measurement


REM/Real Ear Measurement is sometimes performed by your professional audiologist using speaker equipment similar to this setup. Probes/microphones are inserted in your ears while your hearing aids are also in your ears. Then a known calibrated signal is played on the speakers and measured inside your ear canals. Here’s a video describing REM/Real Ear Measurement.

This Poll wishes to determine how many of us have REM/Real Ear Measurement?

  • Yes, I have professional REM/Real Ear Measurement
  • No, I do not have professional REM/Real Ear Measurement

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For years I have not had REM. I expect to have that next week.


Is it a thing to have or a thing that was done? See the difference?

Edit: I understand the idea, it’s just the poll is asking if it’s a thing to have. It’s not a thing to have. It’s a thing to have had done.


It is part of properly fitting hearing aids. The program the aids according to your audio gram. They then insert microphones in your ears along with the aids. They play sounds and the system measures the output of the aids and interactions with your ear canals.
You end up with a more accurate fitting.


I had never even heard of REM till a post about it I read right here on the boards. The very next time I saw my aud-guy I asked him to run a REM on my aids. Turns out they were about 98% the same as my current setting, so I felt pretty good about that.

Otherwise - and ever since - I’ve never had a REM as part of the standard fitting for a set of new aids. I guess for me, the final arbiter is my own listening preferences. I have to get the higher freq’s tweaked to understand speech, but also the bass balanced for overall richness.

Hearing is kind of like art: it’s in the ear of the beholder.


I first heard about REM about 3 years ago when discussing Costco who equips all their centers for REM.
My 2 closest branches do not use REM in fitting aids though.


No, REM equipment is very expensive for Russia. Our country is biggest on the Earth, but here is ONLY ONE REM device - in Saint Petersburg. ONLY for children.


That depends on your definitions. Here is a used one for $5.000 US and it says they cost $15,000 US new.

used REM


While my audiologist (at a university audiology department) did indeed perform REM on my hearing aids it was not done at initial fitting but three weeks later at a follow-up appointment. Seems to me REMs should be done at first fitting so clients can be assured the aids are working properly and can be so evaluated.


Interestingly, the Costco I visit that does REM never does testing & REM fitting in the same appointment because both take a lot of time.


My Costco never did REM on my hearing aids until I had to specifically request it. Told me they never did it. Then the fitter did it and acknowledged that the REM results required her to make an adjustment, which she said she did.


I guess I’m lucky. I’ve used Costco for 7 years now and my Costco has always done REM on my hearing aids. Even when I would to a trial of a aid they would do the REM. They claim that it is required by headquarters that they do it.


As I posted in the DIY section, after programming my own aids using the “first fit” output of the Target software for my Phonak V90 aids for the past 5 years I finally had a REM fitting done at the Mass Eye & Ear department hearing aid dispensing department. Had never had one done before. She made a lot of adjustments to get my aids to match my prescription and the results were very significant to me. Much clearer in the speech listening range (I have a ski slope hearing loss). I think it would be folly to try to do this one’s self as a DIYer. Luckily for me I was able to pay the Audiology Department to do the REM testing and programming. I would encourage any other DIYers out there to do the same if you can.

And why an audiologist wouldn’t do it if fitting aids to a client is hard to understand, unless they are not capable, lazy, or don’t have REM equipment. Someone without REM fitted HAs (like I was) wouldn’t know what they’re missing out on.


The Costco I am visiting that does REM says they do not do testing & fitting of aids in the same appointment because both take a lot of time. Many professionals like to rush through the test & fitting.

I was thoroughly tested last week & have my fitting next week.


I had REM done today by my audi. She commented that the REM’s showed excellent agreement with the fit provided by the ReSound software except my right ear was a little off at 4K but she didn’t think it was worth messing with it.