Poetry Challenge

Right folks it is with much fear and trepidation that I post up one of my poems, I was sort of challenged to do so by Barb Cohen @cohen

Now it has been many years since I have written any poetry, the poem I have selected is from 1988, I was living and working at the time in the Western Highlands of Scotland in a tiny village called Kilchoan on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, 66 miles from the nearest big town (Fort William) and 44 miles down a single track road, it was kind of remote, but an absolutely stunningly beautiful place to live! This poem was a first for me, and being dyslexic I thought, I hadn’t the ability to write, in my school days I was belittled by the teachers as thick and ignorant, mind you in those days, little was known about dyslexia… This is the first poem I ever wrote, I hope some of you may enjoy it, and if not, my apologies. The Poem is called Delta… Cheers Kev.


I’m a river, I twist, sometimes turn
Down life’s cascading waterfall, my mind does run.
Onto that pool of knowledge, where all thoughts come
And though I may be upset sometimes
I will not succumb.

Flow onward, onward, onward, never look back
This lesson you must learn my friend, or your future you will track.
We’re happy, we’re sad, we’re sometimes led astray
But one thing I can be sure of,
I will reach my Delta someday.

The sea may be cold and bitter, yet I will have run my course
I shall not be unhappy to depart this world
I have been loved so much more, than most.
Kevin McAuley 1988


I like it…

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@Raudrive: You’ll like it even better after 4 or 5 of your yummy pilseners!:rofl::joy:

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I confess I started the challenge. Kev is so friendly and helpful to everyone on the forum and this seemed another aspect of him we could get to know together, since he recently admitted a fondness for a good turn of phrase–and that he writes these himself! I was very moved by the acceptance, determination and power he captures within his poem.

It’s only now that I realize, after his rising to the moment, that I also promised him I would post a couple poems I’ve written. I must deliver on this obligation. So here they are.

Night Silhouettes

Briars block the wrong direction
Point the way to but one trail
Only through the dying branches
Can the moon, with dark, prevail

Leaves and sun obscure the focus
Night’s dead branches birth the place
Where through dark the focused moon
Spills the light that fills the space

Death, decay, the loss arising
Raiments of the great and new
Most inchoate, most potential
In the gaps where tears accrue

This the teaching of the empty
This the offspring strong and true
Grasped within my battered arms
Each firm heartbeat worlds anew


Traceless sky
Much in motion
The heart looks forward
And close within

Clarity everywhere
Moves like physics
The heart lives lighter
Inside the skin

Within this moment
The universe
The still vibration
Of time and place

The clouds all know this
They rise and fall
Form, dissolve
In casual grace


I just lost my husband and your poem made feel so much better. You should put it on the grief in common site or any hospice site for people who have lost a love one. It’s a beautiful poem. “To the Delta”.

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Thank you Barb, very much appreciated, I think of the 2 Poems, I prefer “Clouds”, but I guess that’s the beauty of poetry, as individuals we all see things differently, and we take from the words accordingly… Cheers Kev.

Thank you, I am sorry to hear of your loss, I am glad the words gave you some comfort… Although Delta was never published, I have recited it in front of 500 mourners when my boy died 11 years ago after a road traffic accident, he was 22 years old, and a larger than life character would have been hard to find, full of fun, and full of life. I brought Keez up from the age of 8, I was not his genetic father, but he was mine! Unfortunately at that age, they think they are immortal, and Keez was an adrenalin junkie and lived on the edge, absolutely brilliant driver, but speed or the need for it eventually killed him, he never saw the black ice and hit a tree head on… 6 weeks later, his girlfriend for the last 3 years along with her young front seat passenger were killed in his car, (she also, hit a tree head on) we had given the car to her, the guilt I felt was remorseless and even to this day, I still get pangs!!! Life can be tragically cruel…