Plz ASAP go back tomorrow Vigo Pro vr Acto Pro

This being my first aids i was not knowledgeable on the advances in technology From the Vigo Pro C to the replacement of the Acto Pro C . I am not saying Vigo Pro C are horrible or great they to me are what they are. As they are my first so don’t got any thing to compare. :o

I was given a choice of colours and when told i could get Vigo Pro C in baby blue (my fav colour) i said sure even though he said a bit older did not think 3 years older or advances.

So i called and voiced my feeling of regret as i only see the colour when i put on of take off i don’t know why i just jumped. Well guess i do because i did not know any thing about them. So we are going to have a talk about this i have anxiety disorder so am not looking forward to the face to face talk. :eek:

Would it not be smarter to get the Acto Pro now rather then the Vigo Pro being out dated. And start my experience with the new technology now and take advantage of it. :confused:

I got a call back and am going in tomorrow instead of Wed to talk this over and am truly hoping to have the switch and apologize for my hasty choice. I just want to start out with the best i can get with ODSP so my first experience is a good one. :o

Is there any one who has had both that would be helpful as well :slight_smile:

You should focus not on the personality, but on learning the facts. You are the buyer. You control this, if you will assert yourself and ask questions. You should ask the dispenser to explain to you the differences, and why the new aids are better for you. Here is the important part: by and large, the principal reason for hearing aid dissatisfaction is they are not properly adjusted for individual hearing loss and hearing needs. It is supposed to be the factory that makes this adjustment, but it rarely happens that they come properly set, so it falls upon your dispenser to make the proper adjustments. Ask the person how much experience they have adjusting the aids, and how comfortable they are with the software. Ask them if they have enough sound producing gear so you can listen to the aids in a real world sound situation- not a 30 second clip of traffic noise coming out of a pair of 2 inch computer speakers.

It is very important that you are certain the person selling you the aids knows how to adjust them for you, quickly and accurately. And, in your case, you must feel very comfortable with the person who is selling and adjusting the aids for you - you must feel you can talk to them honestly and freely and they are concerned about you and listen to what you are saying. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a set of aids that are adjusted for your hearing loss, and all that will do is to cause you more un-needed stress.
If you are afraid your anxiety will kick in, write all your questions down on paper, and hand it to your dispenser to read. Don’t worry about their reaction. If they are good they will be comforting and knowledgeable and calm your fears, and prove to you that you are in capable hands. .

Ty so much for your advice i sure needed it thought i was all alone on here. :slight_smile:

I do feel confident with my Audio he was the one that got it in baby blue for me had to get it from pediatric but did and is why he said had to go with Vigo Pro C instead of Acto Pro C it all went so fast. So do feel bad but know in the end i am the one that has to be satisfied.:o

Your right on when you say i have to speck up for myself and ask the questions witch i didn’t do just said ok. I have did a lot of surfing on both Vigo Pro C and Acto Pro C and am now a lot more knowledgeable and know his first choice is best Acto Pro C Silver 44. I have written down all my questions and concerns, and will do as you suggested and just give it to him if my Anxiety kicks in. :wink:

:confused: I never had to sit in front of comp listen to any thing or such, just shown how to put them in did buffing due to pain (still working on that with custom mold in right ear) and then how to switch programs and cleaning. I definitely am going to ask about this. As i wondered why they did not have any thing to try them out to see how sound etc was.
When i went from the quiet of the office outside things where MUCH different. I am looking into this and added it to my list Ty :slight_smile:

Even the Acoustic Phone program when setting volume it was done in the quiet of the office so when i went home with TV going Fish tank Bubbles ( which could not hear be for) kids playing/dogs or people talking it was still hard to hear. Dial tone was fine but voice drop down to much. So it is set to low and will have to be adjusted. I could hear a bit but phone was to be heard clearly. :frowning:

Well wish me luck tomorrow that i will be able to switching to Acto Pro C i just don’t want to be lead into keeping the ones i got and not replace i have only got them on the 18th of March is there not a test period it will be day 11 tomorrow. :confused:

Hello i thought i would just up date after my visit today. I am very happy with the out come he was very understanding of my anxiety as well as my needs and wish to replace with original choice made for my hearing needs.

He said no worries we can just make an exchange for the Acto Mini RITE and said that they already had approval for them and had not sent in paper work for the Vigo Pros as of yet as ODSP would approve for a lesser valued model. It is not the Pro as my hearing loss did not support it or for ODSP with out trying the Acto Mini RITE first so that’s fine with me and makes sense. I am very happy i can get the smaller Acto Mini. :slight_smile:

My right custom mold is good now after grinding it down more it is better just a bit tender. He looked inside my ear and said a bit pink in the one spot where it use to rub and should go away in a day or two if not call back. Left is Awesome now i really appreciate how fast they get me in for fitting probs i went twice in one week and now much much better fit i have narrow ear canals.

I must say that everyone in the office is very down to earth and extremely understanding, kind and knowledgeable. They go out of there way to make you feel comfortable and happy. I also got all my questions answered i just had to ask. I feel very lucky to have found them :smiley:


Glad to know that you’ve found hearing aids that suitable for you :slight_smile:
I am now trying the Acto Pro Power BTE now and feels like the sounds are about the same as Agil Pro that I tried before. I have a severe hearing loss so I use the Power one. The reason that I choose to try Acto Pro Power BTE first is because my audiologist told me to try the BTE first and see how do I like it, and for BTE, we can use my current earmold and don’t have to make a new earmold for RITE type, my audi said that I have to pay extra money for RITE earmold because they have to specially made it for power mold (is it true?). Personally I want to buy the RITE type if I have decided which one to buy (ACTO Pro or Agil Pro). Also, can you please tell me how much the price that you got for ACTO PRO? I want to make a deal hopefully next week and I really need help on the price so I know the real price of it and I don’t want get ripped off by my audi…it happened a lot nowadays in this economic situation and I am not financially good now but I need hearing aids to be able to hear, so that’s why I am thinking of choosing ACTO PRO over AGIL PRO because it cost less and sounds the same for me. I don’t know if the extra features on AGIL PRO like binaural processing and more bandwidth/frequencies will help or make difference me as I have severe hearing loss.

And what does ODSP stand for?

please help…truly appreciate it.