Please Review the KS10

I was a little behind on this, but I finally got up a product page for the KS10 earlier today. I know a few have been wearing the KS10’s for a while now, so I thought I’d put in the request for formal feedback through our hearing aid review system. Our primary website receives a lot more traffic than this forum (around 1.5M users per year), and so sharing your feedback with other prospective users in the main site does make an impact and can change people’s lives! If you have any feedback, positive or negative (or both), please do consider sharing here:


Interesting…would not have realized that.

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So far we had 10 people rate the product, but only one person provide the required written part of the review, and that person only provided a few words. Just a reminder that we don’t even save the reviews that are rating only, and the written portion is really the thing of value for potential users. Thanks to those that took the first step anyway :slight_smile:

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Done, hope it helps.

Fred F

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Oh thank you Fred! I would offer you some free batteries from our shop, but I suppose that won’t help too much given the KS10’s are rechargeable. Sorry to hear about the BT dropouts in your review. Perhaps some other users can provide feedback on whether this is typical?

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I just did a rating.
I traded my KS-9 for 10 and the REM fitting was terrible so went back and he used the six month prior K-9 REM & audiogram test and things improved immensely. Went back yesterday and fine turned soft children voices and now I am impressed KS-10 better than 9. Auto-sense is better. Birds and frogs sound really naturally. No road noise in car. My TV Link want to always shift way left to surround vs in center via easy link app. Costco can’t figure that out.

My Costco dispenser in Grand Rapids Rivertown Store is EXELLENT (Tyler). Maybe since K10’s are first out. I am retired so is Costco or Phonak needed a guini pig I am available …


I just did a review! Hope it helps!

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Thank you @fred.l.kline20 and @HOHKate ! Yes, your reviews are extremely helpful :slight_smile:

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I have been wearing my KS-10 HAs for about six weeks. Had a very successful virtual tuning with my Costco (Charlottesville, VA) dispenser on May 12. Today I received a business call on my iPhone. The ringer tone came through the KS-10s. For the first time, I double-tapped my left ear, and ta-da! that answered the call. I could hear the caller perfectly through the KS-10s, and she told me that she could hear my voice perfectly clearly. I asked her to let me try hanging up at the end of the call by double-tapping, and she did, and I did. It worked perfectly. WOW! In addition, I can pair the KS-10s with my iMac and use them as headphones in Zoom calls as well as for all other audio playback. I have to restart them each time I re-pair them, though, but I learned how to do that effortlessly (hold down the button for four seconds until the tone is heard, and then hold it down again for two seconds; a melodic tone is heard, and they connect to the iMac). Aside from great hearing assist, these guys are FUN, FUN, FUN! Oh, in a moderately noisy dining room, the Restaurant setting dims the background noise about 3dB (estimate), and I can understand table mates clearly.

As an aside, I have a pair of Phonak MRT-90s, and I wear them to bed so that I can listen to the BBC news over my Amazon Echo. The BBC news puts me to sleep, just what I intend it to do. So, between the Phonaks and the KS-10s, I wear HAs pretty much 24x7.

Life is good!

Oh, yeah, Abram, skip the batteries! :slight_smile:

Greetings. My first post here. I’m sorry I couldnt find the right header but I’ve seen many comments about Costco and the KS9 vs KS10 discussions. Afraid I have to jump in and say something (forgive the length, read as much as you want but please see what I wrote about Costco near the end)

It started with our old buddy Dr Cliff. Not about his analyses and reports … I’ve always liked those and his videos … but making broad comments about anything, based on a tiny number of samples / reports (as I recall there was one criticism by one employee at one Costco) is worse than worthless… it encourages what could be bad advice for people with real needs.

Just a bit about me …nothing complex about my hearing. it just got worse as I aged. Been wearing HAs for over 20 years and have purchased several over the years. I went to a recommended HA guy at a major teaching hospital here in NYC. Guy was good, thorough did complete tests , prescribed a brand name HA and fitted me for a trial period (30 of 60 days I cannot recall). At the same time I got a Bernafon from Costco to try.

The only difference I could detect was the price, $3500 more. So I returned them, lost the $600 deposit, Been with Costco ever since., over the years bought a Bernafon., Resound, Phonak, the ks9 about 4 years ago, soon to replace it with a KS 10. I am fortunate to have really good insurance and can replace them every 3 years, for full benefit … virtually no out of pocket expense.

OK back to the comments here about Costco. My point is very simple. There are lots of Costcos out there, and each Costco has lots of employees. That means the skills and motives and professionalism can vary all over the place. And they pretty much do, like all personnel

Their hearing aid business is clearly pretty good, I’m sure they make $ in it. As far as I know the HA staff are salaried, NOT on commission. That;s something I always try to check, on any business interaction. I’ve dealt with several at Costco over the years. I’ve had OK and Very Good staff to deal with, but of course they vary, I like very much the person I work with now …, she knows what she is doing and is always helpful.

A good example: my insurance pays $2500 per pair. Most recent time I thought I’d go with the Phonak again, since there’s no out of pocket cost so it would cost me no more than the less expensive K9 The HA tech sort of talked me out of it… said she saw in my case no reason to go with the higher priced one. (BTW had the KS9 for a couple months ,and it’s very very good. One issue is frequent battery changes and of course the KS10 is rechargeable)

FINALLY I decided to return the KS9 (it’s within the 6 mo) and get a new KS10, No info on that yet, I get the testing appt for them end of this week. I was told it’s not that different from the KS10 and they kinda discouraged the replacement but I decided to go for it (the KS10), The response by the Costco folks was gracious.

Bottom Line: People are different and have different views (look at the last election) but if we are making judgments and decisions let’s at least try to be open minded and not condemn a class or institution based on a tiny sample. For example, I wouldn’t make a decision based on only MY recommendation.

Next posting about the KS10. Comments and disagreements welcome. Also suggestions about what to do with the $100 Costco will give me when I complete the swap

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