Please read: Restoring one of my senses: ability to hear?

I posted this question over yahoo and the guy suggested that I seek medical help such as doctor chit chat for medical record because maybe they have this sort of thing of medical record etc… Here’s my case

Someone has to know how, and I beg to help me :frowning:
I’m half deaf person so I don’t hear very well. As far as I was told, hearing cannot be restored or improved without hearing aid (have one) until recently something happen to me. And the same thing happen three times from my 18 year and I’m 19 year now. Never visited a doctor cause of too much hustle, and since this was strange too me, and you’ll see below why.

I was playing spider man web of shadows game on ps3, while not using headphones but rather Acoustics of my room which was coming out of TV, something happen. The next morning I woke up, my head was banging and I walk in living room I could hear my aquarium’s filtering machine. I thought I was making it up, but no, I could hear the water and the filter, reduced TV sound and my mom talking to me crystal clear.

I was confused, how was it possible for me to hear that good? It felt good as if having super powers… Now here where the problem is, I’m sure that most of time when I sneeze hard enough I loose the ability to hear, since I can relate that my hearing is connected to my sinuses. I avoided any allergies and dusty areas etc to prevent loosing this newfound hearing :frowning: unfortunately, I sneezed eventually… :frowning:

And I was hoping that I’ll have it back, only this time I caught a cold and I could hear well, and even after the cold till i sneezed. The third time was familiar with second, but it was gone when cold was gone too.

I need to find a some way to achieve this ability, please help :frowning:
It sure has something to do with cheekbones, swallowing, or holding breath, blowing nose… No idea, someone must know something. I’ll probably do anything, any method cause its so depressing last time I lost it

I didn’t say anything to doctor cause this is all new to me and I don’t think this is possible. I could never hear well and from my 7 age I carried hearing aid, so I doubt doc would believe or could do anything about it.

Just to make it clear one more time, I’m not making this up, I’m looking for solution around different forums and there has to be one… :-[

Please pass this to your friends, relatives… :frowning: maybe they know something that could mean something to me. Sure, restoring sight to blind man is a miracle, but returning hearing to deaf man is nothing special :frowning:

Thanks for your time and reading.

Hi Tyris1013,

What you are reporting is often reported by my patients in response to perfroming the Valsalva maneuvre (where you hold your nose, close your mouth and bolw in order to pop your ears). When the middle ear system is functioning normally this perceived increase in hearing sensitivity lasts only 30 to 60 seconds, but when the Eustachian tube (the tube linking you middle ear to the back of your nose) is blocked by a cold, sinusseses etc it can last longer.

It does not restore your hearing, I suspect it simply over inflates your eardrum which increases its stiffness to make it more sensitive to vibrations and also changes the middle ear resonance sligtly increasing the natural gain added to certain frequencies (working like a natural low gain hearing aids). Your middle ear system will always try to return to an equalibrium where the pressure in the middle ear is the same as the pressure outside the middle ear. This occurs when we chew, swallow or move our jaw and even when we sneeze (the Eustachian tube opens up and released air from the middle ear if over inflated or suchs in air if it is under inflated). It is supposed to re-equalise and there is nothing you should do to keep in in this unbalanced state as you could actually perforate your ear drum.

You should really look at the current hearing aids out there, which are very small and can give you an even more dramatic effect than what you are experiencing with this, while being healthy. See you Gp and find a good audiologist, who is willing to work with you to match your need to the right aids.

Well… like I said, its odd that it lasted for so long, like a week or so and I was feeling better and the cold was gone, and my hearing effect was still there until I sneezed.

This is odd cause I’ve had cold as kid lots of time, but now when I’m older I’m experiencing this for the first time or so…

Thanks for the reply, I was eager to read it (even tho it was a bit confusing)
And yes, I’ve noticed “reset” of my hearing when I chewed or swallowed some food, however there has been also backfire effect. Like chewing or swallowing enabled me to hear better instead.

Yeah, I’ll check for hearing aids. Every 4 or so years I get a right to receive one so… mhm

Hi Tyris1013!

You should see an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist and explain to them what you have explained here. Since you have a hearing loss, you should visit an audiologist in your area.

It’s always good to get information as if there is anything wrong then you know about it. Not going to a doctor only adds to worry. Trust me, your life will be much easier when you visit your doctor.

If I can be of any assistance in helping you find an ENT or audiologist, let me know. I would be glad to help you!


First, what a blessing!!! Obviously I think your hearing may be able to be permanently restored with the help of a physician. You have a physical medical condition. Audiologist (who now think they are doctors) are not the answer.

See a good ENT (Otolaryngologist). Congratulations.

MaxKy62, what are you implying when you say that it may be able to permanently restore my hearing with help of a physician. I’m confused how can they help, thats all.

I need more info, just confused…
No need help finding ENT, I’m not even sure if there’s one around here (Europe/Croatia) I’ll check around. Thanks

I’m not sure if this physical condition is accident or not meant to happen. I’ve been to audiologist since I was kid, my mom was guiding me and I had hearing aid since I was a kid in first school so… No worries there.

But like hearnow explained, this is related to sinuses and I can’t see a way it can be altered for my hearing to improved without disorder for my health, that is what worries me :o

I forgot to mention that I have Francheschitti syndrome, but nothing to worry, I have small affect of it, its hardly visual but more effect on the inside like my hearing tube is probably smaller and other parts. I don’t know much about it, but its probably the reason why I don’t hear so well. :wink:

See an audiologist, get an audiogram and a bone test for conductive hearing loss.

Your problem might be that your tubes are constantly blocked. If you went to see a ear specialist (Oto) rather than an audiologist, they might be able to correct your hearing. Try your best to persue this. The worst thing that can happen is your hearing stays the same.

Mike B.

It sounds to me like you have some sort of blockage in your ear and you may suffer from a mixed hearing loss. I highly suggest you see both an ENT and an audiologist. The audiologist will help you find a good hearing aid that may help just in case no medical action can be taken to repair your hearing. The ENT would help perform the operation on the ear to drain it if there is excess fluid or fix it medically if anything can be done.

Best Of Luck,