Please Help? Wife has new Opn miniRITE HAs

I am new to this forum and have read through numerous threads but not found the answers. If the answers are there and I missed them, my apologies upfront. My wife has had her HAs for about three weeks now, and loves the feel of them compared to her old hearing aids. But we are struggling with certain features that we can’t seem to get to work, and her audiologist has not been able to provide answers. I am hoping someone can help me with the answers and then I can explain them to her. We are getting frustrated but think it pilot error somehow? Thank you in advance if you can help us.

  1. Is there a way to program these so that she can hear a mix of TV through the 3.0 box and room noise so I can converse with her at the same time? The way the program is set, it is either 100% TV and no talking to me, or 100% me and no TV. I suspect I know how she prefers it, ha ha - but being able to converse would be helpful.
  2. Her right hearing aid constantly fails to connect with the phone app and just keeps the little spinny wheel going.
  3. There is one TV box upstairs and one downstairs, but we cannot figure out how to pair her hearing aids to work with both (at separate times). We have to open the battery compartment's and re-pair with each box each time. Is this not possible?

Thank you to whomever may be able to help us. There are clearly some very smart people on this forum from what I have read.

rrhansen - I don’t use the TV device so I cannot help. But if your audiologist can’t help, try calling Oticon at 1-800-526-3921, tell them you are hearing aid owner, and ask for tech support. They answered my question about iPhone/iPad Bluetooth connectivity. Wait time was a bit long with annoying beeps instead of music, but they did eventually answer.

I have the tv adapter and you can have the aids programmed to hear both the TV via streaming and other sounds (like you talking) through the mics. The Audi needs to adjust this in the “end fitting” section of the Genie2 software.

I have the same issue with one aid not fully connecting at times. Haven’t found a solution yet either. Usually I just open/close the battery doors and that temporarily fixes the problem.

I only have one tv adapter so not sure about programming for two boxes.

Thank you for the feedback, and the phone number will be most helpful.

Great information, thank you. Her initial loaner set I was sure had this additional program, but her audiologist says it is not possible. We will check back with her, because I am sure you are right. If we get a better answer on Bluetooth pairing to two of the TV adapters I will post an update.
Thank you again

I have the OPN1 and a TV Adapter 3.0. I also have an iPhone.

  1. The way I mix the TV stream sound and the room sound through the mic is this: I use the Hearing Devices setting on the iPhone. If you’re in the TV Box mode, and triple click the home button on your iPhone, you’ll see 2 volume controls. The top one is for your OPN mics, and the bottom one is for your TV Box 1.

1.a If you want to hear both the TV sound and the room sound: I would leave my Mic Volume at the default level (which is 64% in my case, yours may be different, but you know it’s the default level by the quick triple tone instead of the single tone as you move your volume up and down) so I can hear normal sounds around the room just the same. I would then adjust the TV Box 1 volume to set the appropriate level for the streamed TV sound. Usually in my case, it’s setting the TV Box 1 volume slider all the way down to 1 or 2%, and I can still hear it loud enough, because I set the volume of my TV (well in this case my laptop because it’s where my video feed is from) to maximum. If you find the TV Box slider is at 1%, the Mic slider is at default (64% in my case), and the TV sound is still too loud for your taste, you can turn down the volume on the TV itself that feeds into the TV Adapter 3.0 (in my case, my laptop volume).

1.b If you want to hear only the TV sound and no room sound (like if you have noisy appliances running or people in the room talking you want to tune out): You can turn down the Mic volume slider and turn up the TV Box. In my case I turn up the TV Box 1 volume slider to 100% and if it’s not loud enough for me, I either adjust the Mic slider up until it’s loud enough, and usually the Mic slider is still at a low enough setting that surrounding sound is muted down quite a bit. Again, you can also adjust the TV volume (laptop volume in my case) so I can keep the TV slider at 100% and the Mic slider at minimal and be able to hear the TV sound comfortably loud enough for you.

1.c. I never had to ask my audi to do any kind of special adjustment for this like Abarsanti did. I just vary the Mic slider and the TV Box 1 slider in my iPhone Hearing Devices setting (triple click on the home button), as well as the TV volume that feeds into the TV Adapter 3.0 to get the desired effect for either 1.a or 1.b above.

  1. I also lose connection to one HA on the iPhone app frequently. I heard from a forum member here (gdba, he replied to your thread in the second post) that he just turned off the iPhone Bluetooth then turn it back on and it reconnects the disconnected HA for him. I haven’t had such luck, so my remedy has to be to Forget The Device (option button on the iPhone), reboot the disconnected HA (open/close battery door), then re-pair after it’s been rediscovered by the iPhone again. If I were you I’d tried gdba’s solution before trying mine (because his solution is much faster).

  2. I don’t own 2 TV Adapter 3.0 like you do (gee, I’m jealous :-)), but I would try to pair with one TV adapter, then turn it off when not in use, then pair with the second TV adapter next. Keep both of them turned off when not in use, and only turn one on at a time. There’s a chance that this may solve the issue for you so you won’t have to keep repairing each time. But I’m not 100% sure. That’s because if the TV adapter is the device doing the discovery and the OPN is the device being discovered, then the pairing data is stored in the TV adaptor and keeping only the desired TV adaptor on while the other one is off may just do the trick. It’s similar to having your OPN paired with your iPhone and iPad at the same time. The iPhone and iPad are the discovering device and the OPN are the discovered device. So to get the OPN to work on the iPad and not the iPhone, you need to turn the Bluetooth on your iPhone off temporarily to relinquish control of the OPN over to the iPad. But after your OPN can be streamed to from the iPad, you can turn Bluetooth back on for your iPhone for it to work with other Bluetooth device if you want. So if the TV Adapter works similarly, hopefully keeping only one TV adapter on at a time will do the trick for you. I don’t want to take credit for the iPhone/iPad workaround, though. That credit belongs to gdba from a recent thread he posted up to share his finding.

FWIW, I only have one TV adapter, but to start with I had two of the remote volume/channel units. I took one back after finding out you could only pair up with one, not both. (I use the remote control often, not having a smart phone)

Thank you Volusiano for the great and detailed information!!
we will try those recommendations out today. She has really been struggling with a lot of strange things including her right hearing aid consuming batteries every couple days. Weird. As much as she loves the comfort of them and the streaming ability without an interface device around her neck, she is close to giving them back due to all the bugs and the high cost.

More to follow, and thank you again for your time and response.

Thanks rayjay- that is helpful to know. We are still working through the idiosyncrasies of two set-top boxes on two different floors. If we find an easy solution we will post it here.

One of the aids burning up the battery every 2 days is not right. I get between 4 to 5 days on my batteries, depending on how much I stream, and I stream a lot. I would consider it a warranty issue if the battery lasts for only 2 days. And especially if the other HA has more normal battery life because they both would have the same amount of use.

If you’re concerned about the high cost, you can go the online route to keep the cost to the minimum. Many members here have done that successfully and are happy with the online service. Abarsanti (Tony) who replied to your thread here bought from and from what I can tell is very happy with their service. The OPN1 is only $3800 for a pair with is even $100 less ($3700 for a pair of OPN1). Somebody else reported good experience with as well.

I think eventually all the bugs will be worked out via firmware updates and Oticon already had 1 round of firmware update back in December 2016. I’m hearing rumour of another firmware update in April or May where some new features like Speech Rescue (frequency lowering techniques) will be added to the OPN line as well. As long as there’s a 3 year warranty, I’m not too concerned. The main annoyance to me at this point is the issue of disconnection for 1 HA from iPhone from time to time. It happens to me about once a week so I’m OK with using a workaround for it. I don’t know if it’s really an Oticon issue or an Apple issue that Oticon will have to work with Apple to improve, so I’m not ready to assign blame entirely on Oticon for this issue.

The Connect Clip streamer will be availabe hopefully soon (they claim Q1’17) that will enable you to do streaming with Android phones and other regular Bluetooth devices like Windows and Mac laptops and tablets. There’s a good chance that the Connect Clip will have less issues with regular Bluetooth connection compared to the MadeForiPhone connection because the regular Bluetooth standard is more tried and proven.

Great thread!! I had wondered myself why my Oticon OPN miniRITE aids + TV streamer only let me hear the TV and ZERO ambient noise. Indeed, if hubs asks a question or has a comment during a show or movie, the only way I can respond is to change my HA program to the non-TV one and then ask him to repeat what he said. In a word:

So. It appears that in addition to having NO clip on streamer for us Samsung phone users, the TV streamer was never set up to allow ambient noise plus TV streaming? Outrageous. I don’t have an iPhone, so there is no app I can use as a workaround. You know, I get irked at HA manufacturers who come out with these half-baked products. Not being able to pair to multiple TV streamers is a hassle. What if no one built a garage to fit 2 cars? Absurd. Also, I know that my mom’s Phonak aids allow her to hear the TV AND ambient noise (or either sound exclusively).

I will ask my aud-guy about the TV streamer + ambient noise set-up (if there is such a thing?). Oh, and it would be lovelerly to find out if Oticon has any plans to release a clip-on streamer for us Samsung users who don’t want an IoT solution. I am feeling as rare as Bigfoot in matters that should be a no-brainer.

rrhansen: let us know if your wife keeps the aids. I am also happy with my Oticon miniRITEs, but thank GOD I also have the older Agil Pros. I use them about 50-80% of the time.

My OPN lets me hear the TV Adapter AND the ambient noise by default without any special programming by the audi, IF (big IF) I leave the volume of the OPN alone when I connect to the TV Adapter. BUT, almost always, the default volume in the TV mode is a lot louder than normal, which forces me to turn down the volume on the OPN so the TV sound won’t be so loud. But this in tandem also turns down the volume for the ambient noise.

The big question for your audi when you see him is whether there’s a way for you to independently control the 2 different volumes (TV volume and ambient volume) if you don’t have an iPhone. There’s an ON app for Android phones but I don’t see 2 independent sliders available on it like on the iPhone.

In Genie 2, the TV volume can be set (one of five steps); also, the Mic volume can be set relative to the TV volume (also five steps). So your Audi could modify those settings.

This is where I’d start, everything else seems to be a workaround when the mic mix can easily be set.

Alright - thanks for all the excellent suggestions here! Question: would I have to bring my TV streamer back to my aud-guy’s office to have him set the volume? Right now, the TV volume is perfect, but I can turn it up or down using my aids’ volume control. I can definitely tell that the aids’ volume is set WAY WAY lower than the TV streaming unit, tho, hence my having to take aids out of TV streaming and have my hubs repeat his question. Ideally, I’d like the ambient noise set to about the same as the TV volume. That way I’d hear both hubs and the TV with little effort.

I don’t think you’ll need to bring the TV Adapter 3.0 to your audi just to adjust the TV volume setting relative to the mic setting in TV mode. But it wouldn’t hurt to bring it along just in case you want to test it out right on the spot. You’ll need to plug the TV Adapter 3.0 to your smart phone and play music or something to test it out on the spot, though.