Please help, i just got results from my hearing test!

I had just done a hearing test at a hospital and i have gotten the results but am not really sure how deaf i am? :frowning:

my results are as follow

speech testing- right - srt 30, 88% presentation level 70, left 20 srt, 96% presentation level 60

Your audiogram results would help the pro’s tell you how bad your hearing is.

SRT’s of 20 and 30 are not bad. Your word recognition is not bad either (for a person with hearing loss). Post your pure tone results (pick the numbers off the graph) when you get a chance.

Your attitude seems kind of negative. And your remark of how deaf you are comes off wrong too. Post your hearing results and try to be a little more positive. There are people on this forum who have dealt with hearing loss that is probably much worse then yours and don;t feel it;s the end of the world. You had the test done in a hospital, in a sound proof room? Why did you decide to suddenly have the test done? People here are willing to help, but you need to provide way more information and to calm down.


SRTs (speech reception thresholds) are a measure of how quiet the tester could make speech and still have you repeat it. Someone with completly normal hearing might get 0-10 dB on their SRT. 30 dB on the right and 20 dB on the left certainly aren’t horrible scores.

The percentages and presentation levels are measuring your speech discrimination ability. In this test you were asked to repeat 25 words that were read/played to you at an easy to hear level. 96% means you missed one word on the left, and 88% means you missed 3 words on the right.

As other have mentioned, it’s the pure tone testing (the test where you indicated if you heard a beep or a tone) that really tells us how much hearing loss you have. Perhaps post either a picture of your audiogram, or even just write your pure tone scores in this thread. We’d need your dB level (0-110 dB) for every frequency tested (250 Hz - 8000 Hz). After that we can tell you more.

Uncalled for, condescending remarks. He’s entitled to his feelings. Give the guy a break.

Scary and a little depressing to get confirmation of what you were worried about, I know. It will be an adjustment to use hearing aids, but it will worth it. Saying “Sorry I missed that” is such a drag. And you will be surprised at how many different things you didn’t even realize you couldn’t hear. This forum can be very informative and most of the posters are supportive. Hang in there and good luck.