Please consider participating in this new research study

Researchers at Lamar University in collaboration with researchers in Sweden and across the globe to validate a new questionnaire that aims to examine the wider consequences of hearing loss. We request those with hearing loss to complete this short survey (10 mins) to help with this research.

US-based participants here:

I took the survey, but it is not well constructed. Most of the questions were about the effects of your hearing loss in various situations, but they never stated if one should answer based on using hearing aids or not using hearing aids. My answers could be totally different, depending on this single choice.


Thanks, I will provide this feedback!

I assumed the questions were directed to life before masks, and answered them that way. So I hope that the investigators are not studying how covid precautions degrade comprehension. If I’m wrong about that, my answers will skew their results.

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The very first piece of information they give you is to answer the way you hear when wearing your hearing aids.

Perhaps I didn’t read it carefully enough then. Perhaps they need to make it clearer. After the first couple of questions I did answer from that perspective.

I filled it out today.

I looked around a little (a little) to see if there was some international flavor. I couldn’t find it. I can well imagine I didn’t look hard enough.
But as soon as I saw demographic questions…I’m out.
That’s my feedback.

You can’t publish anything without subject demographics. That’s just academia for you.