Please Advise On Hearing Aid for 80 Yr. Old

My mother-in-law is 80 and lives in Germany. She refuses to get a hearing aid. Too expensive she says.

We live in California. For us to buy her a hearing aid in Euros would be too expensive with the Euro/Dollar conversion.

We don’t know how to proceed and are looking at options.

Our Current Thinking:
We hypothesize, maybe ignorantly so, to get an ear cast done by an audiologist in Germany and thenhave it shipped to a hearing aid company in the USA to make the device. In that manner, our US dollars don’t get stretched more than they need to.

If this is doable and makes financial sense, what company and device do you knowledgeable people recommend for best BANG/BUCK device? Hiw much cost?..

Any other opinions and advice is welcome! Thanks.

My 93 year old grandmother had zero interest in hearing aids until she saw me wearing mine. Now she has a set, and usually if she’s not already wearing them will put them in when family and friends are visiting because she wants to be a part of the conversation.

From your post, my first concern would be the hurdle of convincing her that she needs aids, and getting her to wear them.

She understands that she needs one but doesn’t want to spend the money.

Which is why, we’ll pay it for her. She’ll wear it then.

But since she’s in Germany, it’s too expensive for us to buy the hearing aid over there due to the Euro-to-US Dollar conversion.

So that is why I’m asking about getting the hearing aid here in the US.

I need good advice about which company to buy from that has a good “BANG for BUCK” value and if all we need is her “ear cast” from Germany so the hearing aid company in the USA can make a custom made fit for her.

Any advice?..

I think you may be making a mistake trying to buy hearing aids for an elderly person in the States and send them to Europe.

With an elderly first time user, she is going to need lots of face to face advice and lots of adjustments to the aids.

Doesn’t Germany have national health insurance?

My advice buy the aids from a Audiologist local to your grandmother. Ed

Again, the cost with the Euro/Dollar exchange is significantly higher than if I bought the hearing aid device in the States.

Adjustments at the audiologist can be done later in Germany with the US bought device.

…Can anyone recommend a good bang/buck hearing aid device in the US???

Probably not. What does her audiogram look like, what’s her lifestyle, etc. etc.

I’m just a lowly user who’s worn aids for the last 6 years, and I’m comfortable with buying aids online from America Hears or but I’d say the distance factor and lack or other pertinent information makes it impossible to address your question.

Now if you were to have her over for a visit for 60 days, and take her to an audiologist, or even Costco, and let her stay the 60 days while she adjusts, your chance of success goes up.

From my experience I like the sound of Widex Diva’s, America Hears FreedomAD’s, and GN Resound Pulse, Azure or dot aids. And I’ve tried Siemens Trianos, and hated them.

Buying expensive Euro adjusted aids that she uses is better than sinking your good old American dollars into some aids that end up in a drawer in Germany. So I’ll go back to the first words in the next to last sentence in your original post and say it’s not doable with any chance of a positive outcome.

you need to have the support of your local audi, this means it is highly advisable to see an audi,
there are pretty good entry level HI, i would suggest you to try

GN pixel
Oticon GO pro
Phonak Una

I saved a boat load of money by buying name brand aids from Genesis hearing in Colorado (Google will find them)

I got quality aids cheap and fast. And I will not EVER do it again. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years, and know what to expect with new aids. Every time they needed to be tweaked, or repaired, they had to be mailed back. Hearing aids have to be fine tuned to every user. Doing this through the mail is a hassle at best. Something that would take 10 minutes face with a local dispenser can takes weeks, with multiple mailings via mail order.

Your relative is 80, and has never worn aids before. Mail order is not going to work. An aid is a TOOL, and one must learn how to use it. A new user also needs some guidance, and the aid needs fine tuning from a local dedicated dispenser. You have a few names now, like Genesis and America hears. But I think your best bet is to send the money to Germany, and have them buy something local.

I know that’s not what you have in mind. But my experieince tells me that’s the only way it’s going to work.