Pixel 4a or Galaxy s20 or iPhone for Resound Preza

I got recently Resound Preza from Costco.
To get proper streaming I needed a compatible phone.
So I got myself a Pixel 4a. It works fine except…
I do not like that it rings in my HA
and I cannot disable it in Pixel (?)
I know that with iPhones, disabling ringing is possible.
My main question -
Will Galaxy s20 be capable of doing it?
I am reluctant to switch to iPhone (or maybe I should).

Will appreciate a quick response
as I might need to return the Pixel.

Noah H. :confused:

If you want your Pixel 4A to ring and be connected to your hearing aids, I’m pretty sure it’s going to ring in your hearing aids. You should be able to disable ringing in the phone though. Should be Settings/Sounds You might also want to turn off notifications. I don’t think it would be any different in the S20. I don’t know iPhones.

Thanks. I will clarify a little _
I wish the phone to ring as usual but not in my hearing aids.
I cannot find a way to do it.
You mention Notifications - II cannot find a referral to phone or HA.
Maybe you can instruct me? Android 11.

IF you want phone to ring and be able to stream to your hearing aids, I’m pretty sure there is no way to not have it ring in hearing aids. Regarding notifications. Shoulde be Settings/Apps and Notifications (or something like that) but that’s not going to stop ringing.

I don’t see how disabling ringing is going to help you, because then phone calls will simply not ring anywhere. I agree with the previous replies that you cannot route ringing to the phone while routing speech to your hearing aids.
But what you can do is to independently control the volume of ringing and speech. Here is what the Sound controls on an Android phone like the Pixel 4a look like:
(Notice that you can also choose vibrate instead of ringing)

In the Accessibility settings on an iPhone there’s a Play Ringtone toggle that is independent of the call audio routing. I’d think there’s a similar setting in Android phones.

In my Pixel 3 in settings…accessibility…sound notifications you can select or de-select your hearing aids.
This might be what you are talking about.