Pilot One inferior case and clip makes it easy to loose

I have the Phonak Solana’s and I really loved the remote. I have been looking for it for about a month. I cannot find it anywhere!:smiley:

The belt clip kept coming off and dropping the Pilot One on the ground. I tried to keep it in my pocket after that happened a few times, but was always taking it out so it wouldn’t get scratched by my keys and other stuff in my pockets!

The little leather case 1. keeps coming unclipped and dumping the remote on the ground, or 2. the remote slides out of the leather case onto the ground, not to mention 3. There is no covering over the remote face for protection! I wish it had a neophrene case that totally covered it to shield it from the stuff in my pocket. Maybe then I would have kept it in my pocket all the time and I would still have it.

I was always laying it it down somewhere. I’m still hoping the blamed thing will show up. They want $200 for another one. I think the thing is outrageously priced, but now I am considering spending money for the even more outrageously priced remote watch. I just saw a post by someone who bought the watch and the band is too small!:eek: Sounds like it must have been designed by the same engineer who gave us 8 foot ceilings in the mop closet (the mop handle always hits the ceiling when it is pulled out of the bucket), and 10 foot ceilings in the rest of the building.:stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody know anything about the watch? Does it work well and dare I ask where I might find one for a reasonable price?:rolleyes:

You better check with Phonak. I don’t think the Watch Pilot works with your aid.

I’ve never had any luck with belt clips holding anything; cell phones always drop to the ground, tape measures drop to the ground, etc. My HA remote has a neck cord which allows me to put the Streamer under my shirt and I’ve never dropped it and always now where it is. A manufacturer can make the nicest case you’ve ever seen but put a belt clip on it and you now have a case with an achilles heel.

I now have a WatchPilot2 on my arm, and it does work with my Solana hearing Aids. It is the PERFECT solution for a hearing aid remote for me. I got a lot of conflicting information concerning the watch remote. It seems that not everyone, even at Phonak, is up to date on their products! I have an e-mail from a Phonak customer service representative telling me the watch remote would not work with my solanas – but she was wrong. As it turns our my audi WAS right–the WatchPilot2 does work with my solana aids.

Here’s the trick. Even though the WatchPilot2 does not show up with a little watch icon like the other devices in Target (Phonak’s software), it is “virtually the same” as SmartLink (whatever that is). My Audi called her technical contact at Phonak who had her set up the watch checking the “Smart Link” box, and voilla – it worked. I’m excited–No more lost remotes! But I do have mixed feelings because now I have to rob another bank (only kidding). Thank you Ashley! Everybody needs and audi like you!:slight_smile:

How much that watch pilot 2 cost?

I got it for $470 new from my audi. It works with my Solana aids. Controlls volume and can cycle through three programs, has no mute. Phonak doesn’t recommend it for Solanas, but I find that it works fine for me, and I’m not going to loose it like my PilotOne $200 because it’s always on my arm.