Picture of different HA


Some of Oticon´s HA from Digifocus II to OPN


Some of Resound´s HA history


Difference between OPN 1 with telecoil and no telecoil


Thanks for sharing the pics. It’s informative.


Some different Phonak HA


Keep posting. It’s interesting seeing the difference in size etc.


Some of Widex HA, the 440 to the right is very small


Maybe Ill show size between brands


That IS a museum of aids! Now where’s the waterproof one? How about one with a flexible mold that fits all day with true comfort.

Hey even a HOT PINK one or iridescent-colored one?

Ah… some day. Maybe.


Some like to go to the museum!

Waterproof - who listen under water? We have tried them, they arent so waterproof after a month of opening and closing the battery case. BTW now most HA are nano coated and they have high IP class - up to 8 in water proof. Its the battery thats the problem.

If your looking for pink - Resounds Dot had pink ones… and if you look at one of the pictures - Phonak had transparent… Even Siemens had camouflage…

And “some day” there will be no mould, no HA… but an injection. But not in my time :slight_smile:

And more modern HA will come…


Some of the different colour Resound have offered


Some of Siemens HA.


Linx 3D to the left (312 battery, comes also with 13 battery), OPN 1 and OPN 1 with telecoil


Resound comparing size - on the left use 312 and the right use 13 battery


Difference in size and battery.

Resound 13 battery (Picture above 312 battery), Widex 10 battery, Widex 312 battery, Oticon 312 battery and Oticon 312 battery.

These are top of the line HA that are on the market now…