Picking hearing aid/adjusting time


People with profound hearing losses like mine, have to use ear molds that are NOT vented. I did have vented RITE and sold it during the second year. Went back to my powerful 2007 aids. Will be trialing Phonak UP aids.


I have a tiny vent in my ear moulds and I have a profound loss in the high frequencies. As without vents, I get sore ears as there is no ventilation. I got them done privately though.


When l have earmolds, l give them a break once a while. I don’t leave earmolds in ear 16 hours a day. Every several hours, l remove the earmolds and aid to dry out my ear canal.


I have a tiny vent in my earmolds too! (the bigger one is for putting the tubing through it)


ok quick feedback after 2 weeks of wearing opn 1 rite with double domes- in quiet enviorment it really makes difference as long not many people in room chattering and laughing,watching tv is also improved experience .this is with default program with speech rescue on.now outside-sadly,totally oposite.basicly outside of house HA amplyfies sound in a way that my tinnitus grow stronger in just couple of minutes and starting having headache and within 15 min HA are back in box.i also lower volume but noting really helps.Now all this happens in caffe bars with medium up to strong noise but noting close as for example rock concert or similiar,i also have noticed that with HA in situtions like this i dont gain any advantage to understand person am talking to and after some testing i have noticed i can hear better in noisy situtions without HA- at least human speech which is way normal,softer not robotic or disorted etc.Therefore i wear HA only home and in outside situation where is low noise present.I just hope that am still in process that my brain adapt in alot new situation now with HA and that it will get better…


In my opinion only, if you are not happy with this “whole” package you are being sold, and your still in your trial period I would return those HA’s and get a refund. Then try another audiologist even if it means having to travel.

If your Audi is not listening to your complaints now as a new client he’s not going to ever listen to your complaints. In my opinion only he’s looking at the bottom figure in $

I have to use a “streamer” for conversations on the iPhone. I gave up on the land line years ago as I couldn’t hear. Maybe a streamer is worth researching for your self. I personally feel with your hearing loss you would be far better with a mold. If you get occlusions you get vents put in the molds at time of being made. But this is my experience only.
I also have trouble still in crowded situations, but as I have been approved for an CI I’m waiting until then to buy all the extra bits and pieces that will help with crowded restaurants etc.

Good luck.


regardless of the hearing aid model, change the audiologist.


Ok, I have very similar loss and loss evolution, with tinnitus too, interesting to see many like us here.

I wear Phonak Audeo Q90 BTE since almost 5 years now and had in the past some Starkey and Oticon (I started wearing HA at ~30 and now I’m 48). Since 6 months I changed from domes to earmolds: definitely an improvement for me. I have the most powerful receiver (guess is the 105).

I must say that the Audeos have been a great step forward for me, since the beginning.
I have tried the OPN1 for one month some months ago but haven’t found much difference/improvement.
I’m eager to try the Marvel instead…

Not considering CI for now…probably I’m a bit scared of invasive and destructive surgery.


hi Vogon,how do you fare in “loudly&crowded”ambient-so far only improvement i can notice is in home and office.And how much time do you nedded to adjust to new hearing since your 1st HA usage?


Hi @lordanb13, when conversation is between three or more people (including me) it starts to get difficult if the ambient is noisy. Also in the car, conversation with my wife is difficult too (no visual cue and car noise). Female voice are difficult in general.

It took at least one month to get used to the new aids, but it took more the first time I weared aids, also probably because at the time I was feeling the stigma of wearing aids.

As others have already commented, your brain needs to adjust since you’re not used anymore to hear so much and the brain cannot discriminate well betwen what is useful and what is not.
Another factor to take in account is ‘recruitment’ (tolerance to “loud” noises): in my case I’m not very tolerant.

It will take time but it’s worth it.


thnx for answer…am into last few days of 35 days trial period on oticon Opn1 Rite 105 mhz and decision is still “on the fence”.gonna try now Bte oticon with ear molds for few weeks and see difference.Yeah any louder situations is “killing”me so far-so many loud and disorted sounds coming into my brain thats its basicly overkill.Most concern is HA is not helping me understand what does people talk and in same time i can hear coffea grind machine on other side of the room which i cant hear without HA…so am attacked with sound i dont want or need to hear and i dont hear whats matter to me…!!!kinda absurd


Try some Enzo 2 (5 if you’re on a budget) with some moulds and proper accessories like the Multi-Mic (Resound is doing a bit of a deal here on accessory prices so it might be worth trying to get them thrown in with the deal).

Whatever you try, pick someone who is familiar with the software (does a lot of that product) and happy in taking the extra time involved in fitting a profound loss, even if you have to work out a deal for more frequent adjustments too.