Picking hearing aid/adjusting time


Hi, i upload my hearing audiogram.Does here on forum any 1 have similiar loss and advice what aid to pick.It would be my 1st aid ever.I have option for Oticon Opn 1 with 35 trial days included around 3000$ each.Will 35 days actually be enough to see any hearing improvement or it takes brain much longer to process and adapt to new sounds.Just wanna be sure am not flushing money in toilet…many thanks in advance

  1. That’s a serious loss to only be pursuing amplification now. Have you not been struggling for a long time?
  2. Did anyone talk to you about hybrid cochlear implants?


I also waited a long time to get hearing aids and it does take several months for the brain to adjust. But it is worth it! Keep trying and be patient. I don’t know what brand would be best. I currently use Phonak and they have good ultra power hearing aids.


No…not a struggle…i quess i just get used to it during years…and in quiet enviorment i still can pick 90% of conversation…ofc lips reading included.No i havent been instructed into implant yet…might be something to check about it.So you think hearing aid might not help me at all in this"late"stage of my loss? i am 38yrs btw…and have hearing loss since i was 25/loud disco music etc/…but noticing last few years its going worst and worst.Thnx in advance


Hi, I’m also new to hearing aids. I am currently testing hearing aids for 30 days and my experience is very positive. I have become very used to taking them and has improved communication and relationship with my family and social environment. Possibly my rookie status does not let me see all the possibilities that the new hearing aids have, and I fell short in the adjustments, but I fully trust the AP that is guiding me at all times and is making the necessary adjustments to improve the hearing. .
Greetings and luck.


The key thing to focus on is are your hearing aids helping you solve the hearing problems you wanted help with. Many of us on the forum tend to “geek out” on the fine points. Doing this isn’t necessary to have a successful experience with hearing aids. Glad things are going well for you.


This loss isn’t due to loud noise. It is too severe. Something else is going on. Have you seen an ENT?

Hearing aids will help, but you don’t have much aidable hearing beyond 1 kHz, so their benefit will be limited.


yeah neville i have been to ent few times in last 10yrs…mechanical damage inner hearing nerve due to noise.like i said i have noticed of hearing loss back in 2004…then just ignored problem-worked in noisy enviorment,keep going to concerts and loud places and 1 thing lead to another …and here where i am now.for example this is my hearing loss back at 2008 so you can see difference from 2018.

.Now started taking vitamins/pills,healthy life etc but my main concern is…will hearing aid on this severe/serious loos will be able to help me in everyday life…i am mostly interested in frequency that covers human speech so i can have decent conversation in quit/medium loudly ambients.As you know 2 aids cost a bunch…and i am from relatively poor eastern country…so in other words this is like 1 shoot for me…wont have more funds to change/replace or whatsoever other available option.thnx folks for contributing so far


Not entirely true. It really depends on the individual. I have a similar loss. Congenital sensorineural mild to profound slope hearing loss and I benefit really well from hearing aids. I’m getting my OPN BTEs very soon.


just got Opn 1 oticon…2nd day using it…so far totaly dissapointed,So far its only usefull in really quiet enviorment,talking 1 vs 1 and watching tv,even in living room when we have quests and alot ppl speaking i just feel more comfortable taking them off,and i can pick up more conversation.Outside of house sound is disorted…high frequency ripping my brain off and am forced to lower volume - button on hearing aid.Going in pub or restaurant seems like mission impossible and am scared,So far i didnt get i phone app for fine tuning…for few days i will visit clinic again for adjustment.Atm using closed bass domes and feeling is very uncomfortable in ear.Settings are adjusted at default and idea is to write down my remarks and give feed back to audiologist.


As these are your first hearing aids, it will take you a long time to adjust. Especially with a significant hearing loss. I have been a hearing aid user since I was a baby so I’m used to wearing them and how they sound so it will take you a long time if you haven’t worn hearing aids before. Especially as your brain has been used to hearing a certain way for a long time. You can’t expect instant results. I would advise you to consider custom ear moulds with vents and get BTEs instead or are you trying the BTE ones?


thnx for reply Tori
Yes i am aware thant i cant except magic wand touch on my ears,just experience so far is so chaotic.i have 35 days trial so within that time at least i hope that anyoing and irritating part will worn off.Its bit sad that i have feling that in most situation HA seems like burden and not helping much.Quess its part of adjusting time and am willling to stick with it.As this is my 1st Ha am not familiar with types and stuffs…so i dont know whats BTW-ones.I just took most expensive on market after consulting with audiologist.IMG_3684 .Will keep u posted with progress withing 35 days trial.Meantime any tip by experienced Ha wearer is welcome.


I also have a very similar loss to you. My audiogram is posted in my profile for you to look at. The only difference I can see is I have a slightly more residual hearing.

Ive had HA’s now for 5 yrs and they have caused nothing but problems. Because my level of hearing loss is very difficult to fit in the typical audiologists room. Or the Aud isn’t experienced enough to cope with such a profound loss. I currently have Phonak Bolero aids as I like the sound from Phonak. But the sound likes is very much an individual thing.

Personally I would look into a CI possibility before paying $3000 each for HA’s. As each different brand of CI has a different HA that’s compatible for that particular implant. Eg Cochlear has Resound that’s compatible. AB has another different one again.

I’ve been referred for a CI and been approved for one. But I’m still doing my research between AB & Cochlear. I wish I had have known about the CI & HA compatibility before I bought these HA’s 12 months ago. So I now will have to purchase extra gadgets to help connect to my CI from my Phonak.

@lordanb13 with your profound loss you need molds not domes. Domes let too much sound escape and this could be part of your problem.


Agree re ear moulds. Would recommend you get custom ear moulds and BTE model. This is the most powerful model in the OPN range and may be more suitable for you considering you have a profound loss.

It will take time. Even longer than 35 days but slowly, you’ll adjust. Do consider custom ear moulds at least.


ok thnx for info both of you,i will try get ear moulds + BTE type.Got bit discouraged regarding deafpiper reply,that HA caused noting but problems even after 5 yrs of using them and we have similiar loss.Lets hope experience varies from individual to individual.


X@lordanb13 with our type of profound loss you really need
1 custom ear molds.
2 power BTE aids
3 experienced Aud at fitting profound loss. If they are not experienced at this you can find yourself, who is buy your first aids buying the wrong pair.
Just buying the most expensive pair on the market is not necessarily what you might need to help you hear with your profound loss.

Don’t be discouraged by my reply. This is my experience only, I was unfortunate to have had a uni student doing their graduate year at first. You could have a totally different experience than myself. This is why I suggest you ask how much experience they have.


With your hearing loss, it’s unlikely that hearing aids will offer a dramatic improvement in hearing people in noise. You will still need to get close and use visual cues. Benefit in quiet is the main thing that you should expect. However, the hearing aids in noise shouldn’t be WORSE than no hearing aid. There is certainly an adaptation period, but your hearing aids need to be comfortable for you to wear. I agree with Piper that with your loss you probably won’t notice a huge difference between entry level and premium level hearing aids. And yes to BTEs and molds.

Advanced Bionics is compatible with the Phonak Naida, Cochlear is compatible with the Resound Enzo. The Naida and the Enzo are both good power BTEs.


Its probably not the high frequency that will drive u mad. Its over amplification at lower frequencies which will make it uncomfortable in noisy places. Drag a table or a chair and see how it feels with hearing aid on. I guess you can talk to your audiologist for getting HA adjusted for gradual adaptation . If they are using VAC+ , ask them to create one program with NAL-NL2 and you might find it more pleasant than VAC+.


ok thnx for info.just went for 1st adjusting.It seems that speech rescue feature was off and aud did it on purpose to slowly adjust to new sounds.regarding ear mold aud says that is out of question bcs for my loss he is converting high 110db freq-he compare it to sound-noise of plane landing down and he says without domes and vent that freq would just been chaotic for me and can worse my tinnitus which already happens a bit on my right ear wearing domes.its just 3rd day wearing ha and as first HA ever used my brain has hearing pattern that is used all my life and will take long time to pick&process sound with Ha to actually see benefits…trash talk or not dont know…will post back after few weeks using it,for now its still early.yes am wearing oticon Opn rite bte model.


The main recommendation people above have been making wasn’t the vent, it was the earmold and power BTE model rather than dome and RITE model.