Picked up my Phonak Brio 3 RICs Today


Today I picked up my Phonak Brio 3 after a 11 day wait due to needing custom moulds.

Things I’ve noticed so far I have absolutely no feedback (I almost hugged my Fitter when I realised) it was hard not to get too emotional. In 30 years I’ve never once been able to even hug loved ones without whistling or apologising profusely over the sound hearing aids made.

I could hear several people quite a bit away just talking on the phone to the point even heard a sampler person saying hello so clearly behind me I had to triple take. This was a huge thing as normally anyone behind I’ve never heard.
I had the same reaction to my husband talking in the car behind me and didn’t miss a single word. Usually this situation has me twisted in my seat facing whomever is talking I’m a passenger not a driver before anyone gets worried.
Wind noise worked beautifully as a first experience I was able to hear what had been said loading my friends car up.

In the 3 hours of wearing these I have not said WHAT did you say?
I have yet to try different environments but my understanding of speach clarity is at this point mind blowing to me it’s always been a case of filling in the blanks or hoping I heard right. Today is the first time I’ve not stood and thought HUH? In the past my life was 50% of it’s all gobbledygook and 30% understanding and 20% of completely filled in the blanks with the wrong thing.

Husband’s initial reactions he loves that I can hear the little things like tank buzzing or water bubbling. Also commented in matter of an hour how my understanding of speech is much better than my old NHS oticons that I haven’t misheard his convos he has noticed the difference already too.

I will update more after a few weeks of use, my fitter has a tune up appointment in a months time but explained if I really dislike the sound of something that they can fit me in sooner.

My kit included two Phonak brios, 2 boxes of wax guards?, 3 cleaning brushes one in each box and one with pouch storing wax guards, there was a vent cleaner which she showed me but may have fallen out in the fitting room I went to show my husband but couldn’t find it. 20 batteries were included as well.


Glad things are going well and you’re hearing much better.

Maybe it’s Sound Recovery II that is helping you hear speech easier?!


lol On that all new super duper platform!


Enjoy those new ears. Looks like a defining moment. So happy for you!


Wonderful to hear. This sort of thing is why we do what we do.


You should also notice a lot less fatigue at the end of the day and a happier outlook on life in general. Even a mild to moderate loss consumes about an extra 15% of your bodily energy just trying to function like a normal hearing person. I am sure you will enjoy the new ears even more as time goes on and your brain learns to use the new stimulation more efficiently.


I’m not sure @Zebras my fitter said it would definitely help speech clarity and she was right I just wasn’t expecting the experiences I had yesterday hearing others so well


@LoubyLou I’m glad things are going so well. I bet you are extremely happy right now. :smile:


@z10user2 lol it’s new to me especially as haven’t brought private before.


@KenP yes it’s a wonderful moment going ohh what is that noise? Today it was a flag flapping in the wind on a library walk and I was able to immediately place where the sound came from usually at best I’d hear the pole in the past but never the flag.


@Neville I appreciate the Audi’s, and Hearing instrument fitters it helps when you find ones who listen and talk to find out problem areas rather than just given a fix that never worked. It’s a very new experience buying privately and I have to say I wish I’d known about Costco’s sooner I didn’t realise how many sounds my oticons failed to pick up or let me hear.


@gorgeguy I was lucky it hasn’t been too tiresome hearing things my previous hearing aids missed. I did however have to remind my family not to be obnoxious on noise levels for a few days as the stimulus with new/clearer noises can give me a slight headache at the end of the day I know this is part of the parcel with new hearing aids but phew I sort of forgot about that part, it’s like switching from analogue hearing aids to digital hearing aids only now it’s digital to super surrounded sound lol please excuse the pun but it’s definitely stange to hear sounds behind me vs before only pick up sounds that were loud or facing a hearing aid microphone.


Very happy for you! Looking forward to you update.