Phonic eleva with hands free device

I have asked a question before about problems with my phonic hearing aids. My audiologist got the bigger eleva and made ear molds for me.

The problem I am having is that I cannot use noiz free hands free device in my car tooooooo much overfeed (may not be the right way to describe) from my car. I push the gas the noise gets louder.

The answer I had before was to get the ART but I really cannot afford them.

She and I both have tried everything, any suggestions. Right now she is letting me use the mach 1 freedom. Not any better. Even if I have the ear piece away from me I can still hear the car noise when in telephone mode.

They both word well in my home phone.

I am so new with the hearing aids I really dont know how to explain everything to her or to you.

Please help. WIll a new cell phone help???

Yes, often in the car, you will hear the “whine” of the alternator when in the telephone mode.

This is the case with most telecoil programs on most every hearing aid.

I think even if you switch to the Savia Art’s, you would still have the whine. I will try a set in my car and make sure this is the case and post). The only nice part about switching to Savia Art CRT is that you would have a much smaller BTE with telecoil.

Try having your audi lower the overall gain in the telephone program and raise the noise reduction level. Then raise the gain on the noise free telecoil device.

Changing phones will not improve this, as you will notice that even when you are not on a call, when you are in the telephone mode, you still hear the “whine”.

You may want to also look at a direct link type of device that doesn’t utilize a telecoil.