Phoneclip+ - neckstrap challenged


I just got my Resound Phoneclip+. I previously had the Compilot 2. The clip on the Phoneclip+ is good, but I prefer wearing it around my neck on a strap like the Compilot. It comes with a strap but it uses magnets to hold the loop together which does not seem that secure. I think I will try to find something else like paracord.

The problem is that I do not see anyway to fasten the supplied cord to the Phoneclip. I do read manuals and guides but there is nothing in the instructions on how to fasten it.

How is strap supposed to be affixed to the Phoneclip


Open the spring loaded clip and fit the lanyard all the way up, past the teeth. There is a little channel there and the lanyard string will be able to slide (not caught by the teeth).


When did they change to magnets?

My lanyard has plastic ends that snap together. It’s very secure but if you snag it on something you’re not going to hang yourself.


Thanks. IMHO putting the strap in the groove in the clip does not seem very secure. I appreciate the thought that with the weak magnetic straps and the insecure groove, I will be unable to hang myself no matter how hard I try, so Resound’s liability for a catastrophic loss of life is vastly reduced. I keep it under my T-shirt so the chances of it getting caught are slim to none. I wonder if they will provide a free replacement when I lose it due to their design deficiency.

I guess I can drill a hole in the clip handle and thread some string thru it now that I know there is no OEM customer friendly solution.

Another question. There seems to be a cover with a slot with some porous material just above the phone answering button. Is this the opening for the microphone?


I carried it for years, no problems. You would have to open the spring-loaded clip to get the string out. It can’t fall out.


Yes, that us the microphone cover.


Also, the lanyard has a black plastic connector for “safety”. That will eventually wear out (3-4 years) but it comes with two lanyards and your pro can supply more.


Interesting. I just got my ReSound Forte HAs and Phone Clip+ from Costco three days ago. I only have one lanyard and it has the plastic ends with the grooves that snap together. It seems secure enough, time will tell on durability, I’ve worn it inside my shirt, but always wear a T-shirt so it is on top of the T under the button down shirt.