Phone Problem Needs Solving


My hearing is terrible, but my immediate problem is the phone. I bought a blue tooth that will attach to my cell phone. I can put the phone in my pocket and use the head phones to listen. The headset an be moved to wear around my neck until the phone rings. It is cordless.

My question is what phone works really good for the hearing impaired? I can barely hear the callers.

I know I need hearing aids, but just can’t afford them right now, but I do need to solve the phone issue as I am my husband’s psychology office manager (which means I do everything the office needs). There’s only the two of us. We are 75 years old with a very busy office.

Any suggestions you can make will be appreciated.



There are amplified phones and amplified speakers for cell phones. You can search for Harris Communications. They carry lots of assistive devices for people with hearing loss.



You can search for Volume Booster apps on android google play store.
e.g I found this one and it does make the phone output quite loud.



I am 82 years old and I have an Android phone and use Republic Wireless which is really quite inexpensive for monthly charges because whenever possible it runs off your own WiFi instead instead of the cell phone carrier. My monthly bill is under $25 a month and the service is great. On my phone I have added the following apps to compensate for my hearing deficit:
Auto Speaker which automatically switches the phone to External Speaker On;
Volume Booster which kicks the volume up higher on the External Speaker; and
Shouter which shouts out to me the name of who is calling me or texting me if they are in my directory; also shouts out to me to plug my phone into the charger when the batter runs low; also tells me when to unplug the charger; and also shouts out the time every hour; and I can also adjust it to shout out (or shut up) incoming notifications from other apps.
Best wishes, Nate
PS - When you are able to afford them, Costco sells and fits and adjusts and services excellent Hearing Aids for $1600 with a long trial period. I bought mine from them 5 years ago and they are still running great.