Phone, mask and job search

I am having a hard time finding a different new job. Discrimination is behind this in some way. I have never tried a phone or captioned phones. I don’t think it will be easy to hear all people. I could tell an employer that I could use a captioned phone but how do I know this set up will work at that place? I also don’t have phone skills developed. I wish we had some sort of training program before we use it in the real world but no one sees such a thing as necessary. I make my appointments usually online and my family don’t use phones for years that much but text. I have no way to practice much. It seems too risky to just ask for a captioned phone, jump ship and see what happens. The mask is a problem if it is a job attending the public. It feels safer to find a job that doesn’t include either but it truly limit my job application options and increases rejections.

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Without it being discriminatory you need to be able to perform the requirements of the job. But you haven’t really told us how bad your hearing is or posted an audiogram. Closed caption on phone calls can be hit or miss. We probably need more information than you’ve provided. It also seems like there would be a lot stress placed on you even if it’s just you stressing out yourself

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Why do you need my audiogram?

I helps us understand your hearing loss! As someone that is now retired but worked years doing phone support without caption systems, but with hearing aids your audiogram will help

I find it a bit strange that this site people demand an audiogram. It should be optional. I don’t know how it helps but I would rather not post it for all to see. If you can’t help. That’s all right.

I may even consider a career change without having to go back to college to something that doesn’t require the phone. I am getting sick of it being an obstacle. Beware of “you can do anything you want.” I see how the job can be a problem if you have to do it and no one else can. Sometimes I do think they make a big deal out of it if it is a large place with many to handle that part of the job and other times I cannot see how the environment is until I go for the interview and see how it is important because the place has few people. Some job descriptions leave phones out and you never know how important it is in that particular position. It’s a really frustrating situation. Some job descriptions are not really performed in the job at all.

No one demands it but without it it will be very hard to truthfully help you. I have changed career paths a few time and still wore hearing aids. I have always be honest about my hearing loss. It hasn’t ever prevented me from.getting a job. I did retire sooner than I would have liked because of my hearing loss but it was my choice. I would go into the job interview and let them know I had hearing loss, I even had it on my resume. I have found that be honest was my best job qualification.

I am honest about it. I can’t really hide it as I read lips. I don’t put it on my resume or care to. I probably won’t get any interviews. I am not on SSDI, but I have considered staying on SSDI and work a part-time job for this very reason, but it is frustrating not to be able to work more hours or make more money per hour as you would go over their allowable amount you can make per month. It does make you feel low on self esteem to be on SSDI and people look at you as a lazy person. They really don’t realize the difficulty. I don’t know if I can go back on SSDI that easily or if it’s the right thing to do. I don’t know the rules. Retiring early is not bad if it helps you feel less stressed out for whatever reason and work a part-time job if you need to feel useful or do something. Some people do stress themselves out postponing retirement.

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You can do and be anything you want to be. I was a IT professional and worked the phones daily with out caption system. I have worked for Microsoft and Dell computers and did a good job I retired as a Master Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I didn’t have a college degree, I was a hands on person that did what needed to be done and moved up the ladder one step at a time. You can do it but you have to be positive and never negative.


I try to be positive but it is so hard the longer it lingers when you keep trying to find something better and you get so many rejections. I think too much positive leads to disappointments and distrust. I don’t know how to explain but I am struggling staying positive for a long time. I stay positive in interviews but they aren’t so positive the minute they learn your hearing loss and not using phones. It can make you feel like a useless person.

I understand that too. I was rejected a number of times too, but I didn’t let it get me down it made me more determined. I would find out why I didn’t get the job and I would go to work on improving myself in that area. I learned early on to be positive about my capabilities but never claim to be anything I wasn’t. I researched the companies and personalized the resume for the job and company but never was anything but totally honest. You can do it if you truly believe in yourself and your capacities. Be willing to.learn what you don’t know.

I think a lot of people respond differently to rejection. I try not to let it bother me. I improve somewhat how to react to rejection with time, but I realize every one is different how they react to it. I don’t want to claim I can be like you because I really think people are just so different with their emotions.

I don’t know about reaching out to them about why I didn’t get chosen. I think the answer is pretty obvious and I choose to forget about it and move on. I read that a lot of employers would rather not share for liability reasons.

That’s interesting you share about being honest. I read that sometimes employer can find you “too honest” and that you should tell them what they want to hear. I don’t lie about anything or find no reason to not be honest anyway.

Personally, I have cousins who are very charismatic and know how to be like everyone else, if you know what I mean. One of my cousin left jobs within months and could easily find another. There are people like that but it works easily for some. I do think employers reject good hard working people who are less than perfect and different than the rest.

Well, I guess no one has an answer to my caption phone dilemma. I would not know if it would work or not to be honest to any employer about its capability of working right once employed with them.

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I was raised that honesty is the only way to live. To be honest I have rejected jobs because of a comment about telling your customers what they want to hear. I spend 2 plus years dealing with politicians and left there with a bad taste and promised myself that I wouldn’t lie for anyone regardless if it did cost me my job.

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Wondering if you are currently wearing aids? I understand that Oticon aids have the ability to stream from landline phones directly into their aids but it does take using a seperate plug in device. Posting an audiogram only helps you, so that others can assist in answering your question. You can click on our avatars to see others audiogram and maybe find someone with the same level of loss as you. You may be a candidate for medical intervention. You may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. Sorry to say, but without a posted audiogram I doubt you will get much helpful advise. I hear your frustration. Many of us struggle daily, specially with mask requirements.