Phone feedback/suggestions

Going to be switching to Consumer Cellular so need a GSM phone. Currently a phone isn’t an important part of my life, but I thought I’d upgrade to a midrange phone (Currently have Galaxy Grand Prime. Although who knows what hearing aids future is, I like the idea of Bluetooth 5 compatibility. The phone I’m thinking of is the Nokia 6.1. Seems to offer a lot for about $250. I like the fact that it’s Android 1 so it should get quicker updates. Anybody have any experience with one? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

No experience with that phone but Samsung always makes a Galaxy phone with 90% of the features of their current top phone, with a slower processor for about that price. I had one a few generations ago and it worked fine. You can get three of those for the price of one top end phone.

My Galaxy Grand Prime fits what you describe. It has worked well and will probably serve my daughter as well. However, more current versions (J3 and J7) don’t have Bluetooth 5 and Samsung isn’t known for rapid Android updates. I really don’t know if those will make any difference to me or not, but seems prudent to get current tech at a moderate price.

Gotcha. Yep, makes sense to get Bluetooth 5 in case that becomes necessary.

YEs - Whatever phone you get, make sure it has BT 5. I have Phonak’s current version (first attemt at using BT w. HA. It mostly works - but I would not recommend it for a non-techie. Like most 1st gen. tech - there are problems. I am on phone a lot and used an over-ear BT headset for many years. That worked pefectly, even after getting HA.

Funny. Hearing aids definitely help, but even compromised ears can do a pretty good job if they get a high quality signal.

I use a Motorlol G5. Great price and very functional. Add a 16 gig SD card and you’ve got lots of room for apps and data.

Thanks to all. Finally pulled the trigger on a Nokia 6.1. There are several great mid level phones out there. Moto G6 Plus and X4 and some Xiaomi phones are also interesting. is a great website for comparing phone features. If Nokia 6.1 Plus comes to US, it looks it could be another great value. All said, if phone interaction with hearing aid were my priority, I still think I’d get a mFiphone hearing aid (likely Resound) and an iPhone. I’m glad Google is working with Resound because they’ve been doing this the longest, but I still think it will be sometime before Google’s solution is as robust as Apple’s (and Apple’s is still hardly glitch free from what I read.)

I’m a happy Consumer Cellular user. I bought my wife their Iphone SE which they sell for $160. It’s smaller and thicker than my Iphone 6 which she likes because it fits in her purse and is easier to grip. It has an amazing battery life, takes great pictures and videos, and of course will stream with your ReSound HAs.

I recommend the Iphone SE highly.

That is an amazing price on the SE.