Phone clip use with other bluetooth devices

I have the Resound HA’s purchased from Costco last Feb (2010). I have the phone clip, streamer and remote control devices. All seem to work fine.
My question concerns the phone clip. The users manual states that it can pair up to 8 bluetooth devices but, only one device can be connected at a time. Can I also pair it with my computer bluetooth output? If I am connected to the computer, will incoming calls overide the computer?
I know that while streaming during TV, incoming calls do overide the streamer.
Also, has anyone tried pairing with other devices and if so, which devices. Specifically, I’m interested in the iPod that has bluetooth.
I do know there are different bluetooth protocals and can not find the one the phone clip recognizes. It’s something like I2PH or some such number which indicates the specific protocal bluetooth devices can pair and operate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have mine paired with my iTouch, since I listen to audiobooks a lot. I don’t have it paired to the phone, so I don’t know about the over riding. It works fine with my iTouch, though.

I pair mine with my MacbookPro, iPod Touch, and my LG Rumor Touch phone.

All devices work quite well, except that the Phone Clip is not stereo.

However, since I have to disconnect it from the phone to use it on the other devices, there is no way for a call to take over.

I think you are referring too A2DP Bluetooth Profile. That is a Bluetooth Profile that allows the Bluetooth device to stream in Stereo. Unfortunately the ReSound Streamer does not support that, it is Mono only. So music does not sound as good as it should. Here is a link that describes all of the Bluetooth Profiles.

I have paired my Phone Clip with my iPhone and my iPad as well as my Desktop Phone using a Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Adapter. Have also paired with both of my laptops, one is Windows 7 and the other a Macbook with OS X Lion. As you already mentioned, can only have one active connection at a time. First one to connect to the Phone Clip wins. So it can take some juggling to make it work with the device I want it to be connected too at that time.

As to your question of calls over-riding the computer. Unfortunately the answer is no. The only way the TV streamer can be over ridden by phone calls is that the TV streamer signal is coming from a separate device. The Phone clip is a single device and it can only talk to a single source at a time. And you can not have more than one Phone Clip connected to your hearing aids.

This has caused me lots of frustration with the Phone Clip. Never fails that I have the Clip connected to one phone, and the other rings!

I am not sure I asked the question properly about overiding the computer when watching tv and listening via the streamer.
Currently, my cell phone does overide my streamer. While watching tv if a call comes in, it switches to the phone clip, I complete the call and when I hang up, it switches back to the streamer automatically. I was wanting to know if this same switching would happen if I was listening to either my computer or the iTouch.
And thanks for the prototype reference, I simply could not recall the number while writing.
Also, the other poster that states he is using his iTouch, which I had also forgetten was the bluetooth device. If I can now figure out how to pair an iTouch I’ll definately buy one.
I really appreciate everyones help.

The computer would override the TV, but I do not think it would work in reverse. But honestly, I have never tried it that way.

A cellphone call would not override the computer.

I have contemplated using the TV streamer for the computer. That way a call could override the computer signal. Just get a cable to go from headphone jack to the TV Streamer input. Would only work for audio, so could not use for Skype or similar services. But you could use a standard microphone for the audio input.

I guess I don’t understand enough about the bluetooth protocal. If the streamer can be interruped by a cell phone, how is that priority established? The streamer simply inputs analog audio and converts it to a 2.9Ghz digital signal. Cell phone is a 2.9Ghz digital signal and the computer bluetooth signal is as well…I think. So, it must be in the sw protocal where the decision to interrup one vs another takes place and if so, it seems an easy fix if we could get anyone to tackle it.
Your thoughts???

If you are connected to another device, like a computer, you are not connected to a phone (only connects to one device at a time). The phone clip will not drop one device and connect to another without you taking some action like shutting off bluetooth on the computer, taking the phone clip out of range, etc. The TV streamer does not go through the phone clip but goes straight to the hearing aids and there must be something in the programming there to give priority to the phone clip.

Bluetooth is only used from the cellphone, or other Bluetooth Device, to the Phone Clip. From the Phone Clip to the hearing aid, it uses the exact same radio signal as the TV Streamer and the Remote Contol. The Hearing Aids only have the capacity to listen to one of each type of radio device. These devices get paired to the hearing aids, similar to the way you pair a Bluetooth device to the Phone Clip. Only so much it can do with such a little space to put the hardware and such a small power supply to feed it. I am amazed at what they have been able to fit into these small devices.

Like Don said, the switching from TV Streaming to Phone Clip is done by software inside the hearing aids. A basic assumption is that a telephone call is more important than TV. So the priority is given to the Bluetooth Phone Clip to override the TV Streamer.

You sound like you may be a computer techy person since you mention protocols and radio frequencies several times. So let me try a computer hardware analogy to explain it.

If you have been around computers as long as I have, you should get this analogy. This hardware standard went out of favor about 20 years ago. If you are not a computer geek like me, this will confuse the hell out of you. So stop reading now! :wink:

The devices are not using a serial, or RS232, style of communication. I think of it more as a Token Ring Network. All devices use the same “network path” to communicate to the hearing aid. Which for the ReSound Hearing Aids is a Radio Signal operating at 2.4 Ghz. All devices are “on the wire” at all times. But, only the device with the “Token” gets listened too. All others are ignored until their time comes.

In your situation the TV Streamer has the token and has the path to communicate with the hearing aid. But when the Bluetooth Phone Clip needs to talk, it takes control of the token and sends its data to the hearing aid. The TV streamer is still out there and talking, but it is being ignored. Not an efficient way of doing it, which is why Token Ring is no longer used. But it works for this situation.

Hope this does not confuse you even more.