Phone Clip - how does it work?

I’m thinking of getting a PhoneClip so I can make Skype calls from my laptop. If I can get Bluetooth working on my computer that is;) Currently I’m using a headset and have to take out my aids to use it, which is a PITA.

I am assuming using a PhoneClip I can transmit the audio directly. What I am wondering about is the mic though. Does the clip have a mic or do you talk through the phone? Also does it transmit a ‘ring’ when the phone does or does it rely on you hearing the phone ring? Has anyone else tried this set up and have comments about the approach?


Yes, the PhoneClip has it’s own microphone. It’s a complete hands-free solution. You can answer a call, carry on a conversation, adjust the volume, & hang up without ever touching the phone.

As far as the phone ringing in your aids, that will (at least partly) depend on what phone you’re using.

The user’s guide gives a pretty detailed explanation of how it works.

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Great, thanks TexasBob. Seems my Googling skills need improving!

The Resound Phone Clip+ is a good product and should work for you. The problem with using Skype and other soft phones is the drivers for the headset protocol needed for connection to the hearing aid device are not usually installed on the laptop and the hearing aid companies do not supply those.

If your laptop doesn’t connect immediately there are a couple of options. One is to go with the headphone protocol (instead of headset protocol) and use the laptop microphone for the outgoing mic. This works surprisingly well with Lenovo Thinkpads.

The other option is to buy a Sennheiser BT500 or BT800 Bluetooth dongle and plug it into your laptop. It has the drivers and works very well. That would give you full headset protocol and use the Phone Clip+ mic.

Plantronics also has a dongle that works well, the Plantronics SSP2714-01 (catchy name).

As a bit of a follow up, I have been trying this approach for the last few weeks. It kinda works but not well. There are two problems.

First, if I walk away from the laptop the system disconnects and I have to go in and reconnect in Bluetooth settings. I think this is a Windows behaviour I can’t change.

Second, the microphone quality is very bad and people complain I sound distant and rough. Even Skype itself has a message saying poor audio quality. I hear fine though. I wonder if this means I need to get a third party Bluetooth dongle to replace the built in system? I hope not because it is a work laptop and it’s going to need endless levels of approval to get new drivers installed :wink: But if I have to I have to!