Phonax vs ReSound?

First a little background: I’m 46, been wearing hearing aids in my bad ear since I was 4. I’m married and have 3 kids - all of whom can hear perfectly well (and in the case of my kids, they hear perfectly well when they want to). Unfortunately, I’m not hearing them as well as I would like to. My current hearing aid is a Unitron Sound/Fx - it is 14 years old (I paid $750 back in Jan 98). I know it’s WAY beyond what I should have expected this hearing aid to last by a good 7+ years. It’s been sent off 2 or 3 times for repairs and has done well for me.

Unfortunately, due to my love for loud music, my hearing in the good ear has gotten a little worse over the years (as has my hearing in the bad ear) and it’s becoming obvious that we need to get new hearing aids. Last year, my audiologist (whom I’m very happy with, even if she is an LSU grad/fan), had me try a digital hearing aid in my good ear, as well as wearing my old hearing aid in the bad ear. The test went pretty well (and was somewhat annoying - I heard keys jingling and paper crumpling that I had never heard before). I asked how much - she said about $3K. At the time, I said, “For $3K, people can speak up!” My main objection was that we still had other debt obligations to pay and I just didn’t have $3K.

So, anyway, here we are a year later and I’ve told my dear audiologist that I will be purchasing a hearing aid this year. She had a Phonax BI-CROS that she let me try out earlier this week. It worked pretty good, but I wished I had more power on the bad ear. When when I went on a date with my lovely wife, I wore the aid portion of the BI-CROS on the good ear and put my regular HA on the bad ear the old HA just picked up everything - especially at the restaurant.

My audi services both Phonax and ReSound. It sounds like that ReSound is a bit more technologically advance, but both aid companies are pretty solid. My experiences over the past week has me guessing that I’m fixin’ to be a 2 aid wearer for the first time in my life.:eek: And, I’m guessing that wearing 2 aids is going to be the recommendation.:eek::eek: I know the BI-CROS, worked better than the BI-CROS aid and my aid combo, which worked better than just wearing the BI-CROS aid in the good ear, which worked better than my old HA in the bad ear, which works better than wearing nothing at all. I figure since I’m wishing for more power in the bad ear, that the 2 hearing aid is the likely course of action.

So, between Phonax and ReSound - which is better as far as reliability goes or is there a difference. I’m well-aware of one who-must-not-be-named aversion to ReSound, but I question the validity of the objection(s). I know there’s a Starkey fan on the forum, and if my audi sold those, I would definitely consider it, but she doesn’t, so it’s not under consideration.

Here’s my stat (as best as I can read the chart):
Rt Lft
250 35 45
500 100 40
1K 105 25
2K 110 80
3K nata 80
4K nata 85
6K nata 85
8K nata 90

SRT Rt 85db Lft 30db

Speech Discrimination
Rt 12% 105 HL
Lft 92% 40 SL

Thanks in advance. My audi says there are 3 price points on most aids, and based on conversations with her earlier, she will likely recommend the mid price point for me. I won’t have an appointment with the audi until Friday, so I won’t know her recommendations until then. However, I am curious as to what some of the audis on this forum would recommend for my situation.


ha ha funny SBray your choice I think part of the reason I got stuck with rotten aids was they were dumping them on the government to get rid of them. If I had been better off, I might not have gotten the bottom of the barrel.
maybe one of the higher end models are better? I just don’t have the money to experiment to find out.

I do know oticons have always been faithful for me specifically…
only reason I don’t have them now is I lost one and the cat ate the other.
I had both for 3-4 years by that time. Those were full in ears though so not subjected to the sweat damage

I was trying to deconstruct the specific model “pixel” I have no idea of the quality control of the higher end aids. maybe there higher end is made elsewhere like Germany, Britain USA rather than china for example. I do know from other products that if it is made in the same country as the manufactures head quarters their quality control is much higher being right under the bosses nose so to speak…

You asked for it so: I’ve had plenty of great experiences fitting ReSound hearing aids (based on patient feedback). I think they make great hearing aids, but try not to be as evangelical as those more closely tied with a particular manufacturer. Generally, all of the true major manufacturers are “pretty good” with some variations in features between their current models.

You should ask the professional you’re working with what pros and cons she sees for you in Phonak VS ReSound since it sounds like she regularly fits current models from both brands. The problem with asking on here is that most of the responses you’ll get relate to models from one or two generations ago in either brand (not likely to be applicable to current models) and often are just as much a function of the person fitting the hearing aid as they are of the hearing aid, itself.

Thanks, based on the information I had been reading on here, that’s pretty much the answer I was expecting.

All my life, I’ve not worn my HA when I was home unless we had guests in the house. Mainly to give my ear a rest from the ear mold. When I tried the new digital hearing aids on loan, I didn’t mind wearing it longer - but the hearing aid was for my “good” ear and it had a RIC, instead of an ear mold.

The thing I’m most hopeful is that the audi will recommend a non-ear mold set up for the bad ear. I just don’t know if the technology is there for my type of loss in the “bad” ear to go with without an ear mold.

The other challenge I’m hoping to have fixed with my hearing loss is the problem of me driving and my lovely (or my kiddos) talking to me. Unfortunately, I’m not in England, which would allow for my good ear to be towards the passenger seat. Instead, while driving, I look at her while she’s talking and she watches the road with her hand on my lap to let me know when I’m fixin’ to go off the road. The system has worked pretty good for 20 years, unfortunately, a couple of the roads we drive on a regular basis are really loud and curvy - so the system has to be put on hold until we get to a quieter/straighter road.

Anyway, I guess we’ll find out on Friday what the audi comes up with.

I’ve been lurking on the pages for a couple or more weeks trying to do some research on HA, and found the site to be most helpful. My audi had mentioned a BICROS as a possibility, of course, I had no idea what she was talking about - but I came on here and got the information I needed. As for the times you guys are grating on each other’s nerves - that part I found humorous. So, whoever the admins are - thanks for having this out here for people like me who only come around at research time. Shoot, the last time I needed to buy a hearing aid, I don’t think Al Gore had invented the internet yet.

Just kidding.

If your audiologist is an LSU grad then find out what they recommend and do the opposite. Seems obvious to me.

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In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy, “That’s funny, right there…I don’t care who you are!”


Another option for situations where your wife isn’t strategically placed relative to your good ear would be a companion microphone. Whereas a BiCROS is fixed to your “bad” ear and picks up sound at that point, a companion mic is wireless and can be positioned anywhere nearby you want. The downside to this is that there’s a slight hassle factor in that the person utilizing the mic would have to wear it around their neck or otherwise carry it on them. Benefits of a companion mic would be that you can place the mic on someone a fair distance away and still hear them clearly and it’s going to be a less costly option to pair a single hearing aid with a companion mic VS a BiCROS. And to answer the (potentially) obvious question, there’s really nothing stopping you from using a BiCROS setup as a companion mic, although I don’t believe this is commonly done.

I’ve been enjoying a spousemic or companionmic with my wife. She wears a mic, and I hear her voice in my telecoil hearing aid.

I’ve posted some details – search spousemic .

It works very very very well for us.

I also trialed the alera & minimic, which is fine but $$$$$. And the battery only lasts about half the day.

Maybe we should have a thread here on companion mic? spousemic? friendmic? lapel mic?

THANKS, Minnesota