Phonax Audio S Smart Questions

I am an 83 y.o. female who has had Labyrinthitis for most of my adult life. I purchased a pair of these hearing aids in the middle of August 2011. By Sept. 10, 2011, I had a severe sinus infection (first one in my life) that led to an inner ear infection that almost put me over the edge with the balance problem and all the time I was wearing the HAs thinking it would help the balance. After two series of antibiotics, weekly trips to the Chiropractor (who does a marvelous job with the balance on a regular basis) nothing was helping. I tried Allergy medication and finally the Chiropractor said please lets try it without the HA’s. I used allergy meds and nose sprays and things began to improve. I returned to the Medical Doctor and she put me on Prednizone for fluid in my ears. After completing that series I returned to the medical doctor and ears are back to normal, balance is back to normal and all seems well. Of course, now, the question is, should I begin wearing the hearing aids again. I am very reluctant to wear them because I do not want this to happen again.

I am an extremely active lady and these past months have aged me in many ways, both physically and mentally. I need to get back to the normal me being active with my animals and greenhouse. I grow and sell tropical and tender perennials as a hobby and also sell them online.

I came here hoping someone could help me regain my faith in those hearing aids. They were extremely expensive and I hate to waste that money by not wearing them. I honestly am afraid to try again. I must say, the MDs have not said that any of this was caused by the Hearing aids. But, the fact that when I did not wear them, it got better makes me very curious.:confused:

Has anyone else had any adverse ear problems that may have been caused by HAs? Balance problems? I can not be incapacitated again with this problem. Thanking you in advance. JB

There is no logical connection between hearing aid use and the problems you described. I would suspect that the occurrence of the events in close proximity to the hearing aid use is purely coincidental.

I’d give the hearing aids another go. At most, a hearing aid could cause some external otitis (infection in the ear canal) but since it doesn’t contact anything in the inner ear or balance system, should have no effect on those.

I’m not a doctor, so my advice is worth what you’re paying for it. . . .

I don’t think a hearing aid could have the kind of impact you’re talking about or lots of other folks would be reporting the same problems, and no one would be wearing them. On the other hand, particularly depending on the type of earpiece you have, moisture can build up in the canal. With an open dome, that is reduced. Heat is also retained, unless air can get to the inside (such as with an open dome). Keeping the ear canal clean is essential, but keeping the hearing aids dry and clean is also important. I strongly recommend a drying machine, if you don’t already use one. I use a “Dry and Store Global II” hearing aid dryer every night. It turns on a little flourescent light when you first start it, and that runs for about a minute to kill germs. Then the fan and heater run for about 8 hours to gently dry out the hearing aid and insert. They cost about $100 and are available lots of places online.

I would certainly take any reasonable precautions but definitely go back to wearing your hearing aids. The improvement in quality of life and enjoyment is well worth it, in my opinion.

I do want to try and I am going to look up the Dry and Store Global II and purchase one.
I am amazed the people I purchased them from did not suggest that.
May I ask another stupid question, How and why do many people have the audiogram posted under their posts? Sorry to be so stupid. I never saw mine, how would I get a copy?

Not to worry; when I first saw all those numbers, I wondered what they were. Now I know.:slight_smile:

You should be able to get a copy of your hearing test from any audiologist who gives you one.

Thanks Sue, thought that was what they were but I just wondered why you would post something like that for everyone to see. I guess if look on my file I may have it but who cares but me? LOl Have a Happy New Year.

Numbers are posted because it helps others, here, especially the experts, to give a more appropriate response to many questions that are posted.

That makes sense Mike. I forget this forum has experts and professionals involved. Which is really a big help. I appreciate more than one opinion myself.

Maybe someone can answer another question I have. My one ear seems to be closed at times, or else I think it sounds like it is. When you hear yourself with a nasal tone, is your ear closed or is it sinus. I think I am having sinus and allergy that is causing my ear problems but nothing really can be done about that. I have my sinus opened frequently by the chiropractor, which helps temporarily. But I seldom can blow my nose. I am wondering if maybe I do need to see a ENT person for the sinus rather than thinking my problem is in my ear. Oh goodness it is difficult to try and diagnose your own problems when you just do not know how to explain it. Rather than waste your time here, I think I will leave you and see a specialist. Much to my regrets. I feel so silly asking stupid questions. Thanks again.

It is most likely a sinus issue.

Uh, where did you get that idea? I work with an ENT and he sees a ton of sinus patients and treats them for allergies every day.

Don’t feel bad…the forum is here to ask questions on. Yes definitely go see an ENT. You may have allergies AND hearing loss…but they need to be evaluated by a professional and treated if possible.

Good luck!

Edit: Never mind, I think I’ve got it. Thanks!