Phonak's take on well-being

Not sure, if this is a genuine attempt on phonaks part to think of their clients wellbeing or just another sales gimmick to coerce the gullible…Via there Audioligist and dispensers? Your thoughts folks. Cheers Kev👍

That sounded like pure marketing to me. It’s nice that they’re suggesting moving away from scare tactics, but the goal seemed to be selling hearing aids, not necessarily meeting client’s needs.


I agree with MDB. Pure marketing ploy. They are in business to sell hearing aids. If it helps someone’s well being, all the better.

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I agree with you both… But perhaps I am just a cynical old fella? Comes across very crass with very little sensitivity towards their potential clients, egging on Audioligist’s and Dispensers to portray a more caring nature to fill Phonaks coffers doesn’t sit well with me… And yes they do make excellent hearing aids, but their predatory marketing tactics is downright shameful…