Phonak's new MicroPower III

18.04.2007, Stäfa

microPower III: maximum value for money
microPower III breaks the barrier by combining maximum performance with minimum size, all at a remarkably low price.

Stäfa, Switzerland, April 2007 - microPower III breaks the barrier by combining maximum performance with minimum size, all at a remarkably low price.

microPower vs. traditional BTE

microPower III proves that small and powerful can be affordable. The latest addition to Phonak’s microPower range, microPower III, is the smallest and most powerful microBTE for wearers with moderate to severe hearing loss who want to go on leading a full and active life.

Although microPower III is the lowest-priced model in the range, it comes with all the fabulous features that set this class apart: Sound Manager for unmatched ease of operation and excellent speech understanding and Phonak’s landmark AudioZoom for noise suppression across the entire frequency range. Furthermore with the digital Noise Canceler, for effective reduction of background noise without sacrificing overall loudness or speech understanding.

Apart from the device’s awesome power, the other feature that will appeal to users averse to hearing instruments is that it is virtually invisible. Thanks to Phonak’s CRT technology, all this performance is packed into an ultra small casing. The external receiver is integrated in the ear canal and the fine tubing blends in perfectly with the skin, making the instrument more discreet than any other in the power segment.

microPower was born of the realization that a impressive 65% of current customers may be microPower candidates, looking for a powerful, discreet and affordable instrument. As Stefan Schwarz, Director Product Management, explains, “we wanted to offer people with a tighter budget a cosmetic power solution, a device that delivers the goods without showing the world that the customer is wearing a hearing instrument.”

With the introduction of microPower III, the microPower family is complete. The family ranges from microPower IX (the top-of-the-range model) to microPower V (ideal balance) and microPower III (best value). The high-performance external power devices are the only ones on the market featuring Phonak’s Canal Receiver Technology (CRT), still a major breakthrough for the industry.

microPower III comes in a choice of twelve colors and will be available from May 2007.

microPower III at a glance

  • Power Canal Receiver Technology (CRT)
  • Sound Manager with automatic feature activation
  • Audio Zoom
  • Feedback Phase Inverter
  • Available in twelve colors
[IMG][/IMG] traditional BTE vs. microPower vs. traditional ITE

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