Phonak's Naida clogged/dirty hook filters... replacements?

Hello everyone.

My Phonak’s Naida V UP hook filters got clogged/dirty.

I’ve already asked my hearing aid professional for replacements but he said that this isn’t possible and that the best thing to do is to completely remove them.

Is this valid?
Does anyone over managed to order hook filters for Phonak’s Naida?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

You are probably referring to the white little piece that is in the earhook that is getting clogged with moisture right?

You can take them out, but it does boost some of the frequencies just a little, which is usually not noticeable to most. In fact, I have done real ear testing with and without them (using speech mapping/VSM) and I could not measure a difference.

Yet, if that bothers you, you may want to dry out the hearing aid daily, using a product like the Dry and Store Global. You can also use other methods with mild heat to also dry them out, but you do need to proceed with caution there and, of course, any steps there are at your own risk.

You can also have your audio order more earhooks, which come with the white damper and change them out occasionally.

This is a common issue with this and other hearing aids that use a traditional receiver (speaker) built into the hearing aid and routing sound through a tube. This is not an issue with the receiver in the ear designs.

Yet, since Micro Power was discontinued, Phonak no longer offers a receiver in the ear hearing aid with telecoil anymore.

Thus Naida is the only option for severe losses that require telecoil for severe/profound hearing losses.

My experience has been that those little filters will clog sooner or later no matter what you do and usually at the worse time possible. I remove them and don’t replace them.

Thanks for the replies.

However it looks like these filters get clogged as they prevent humidity from entering into the hearing aid. Am I right?
Thus I guess removing them is an endangered option as to the longetivity of the hearing aid.