Phonaks equivalent of Starkey Amp?

I’m looking for a simple, cheap hearing aid for a friend of mind. She was interested in Amps by Starkey, for $1,500 for a pair, but we have no starkey dealers near us.
We do have several Phonak dealers nearby, but they wont answer the simple question.
What does Phonak have in terms of “ready-to-go” personal amplifiers that are at their very cheapest level possible? Please help :slight_smile:

Phonak Naida 1? Needs to talk to an Audi really.

Phonak only offers the Lyric which is their ‘out of the box’ solution. But it certainly is not cheap.

You would be better off to buy their entry level CIC/micro CIC and have it custom made for their ears.

I know I need a custom product, but I just don’t have the money.

Does anyone know what is Phonak’s cheapest model and the price?

In North America Phonak has the Dalia which is their entry level hearing aid. The price would depend on where you live.

I would shop the price around your live.