Phonak Zip

I have hgh frequency hearing loss. I can understand people who are speaking directly to me, but I miss many peripheral comments. I have been tested by two audiologists and tried hearing aids once. I was fitted with Widex and wore them for the trial period. I was disappointed with them and returned them. I have not worn hearing aids since that time. I know I need hearing aids, but I have been reluctant to try again. Has anyone had experience with the Phonak Zip?

Is that what your audiologist recommends?

I have been to two different audiologists, and my hearing test was virtually identical with each one. However, each recommended the hearing aid which their business featured. One handled Widex, the other handled Phonak. The Phonak Audeo Zip was not available at the time, or I would have asked about it.

Have a search on here for the experience with Unitron Fuse Aids. See if you still want one then.

Hi Bongo, and thanks. The problem here is that I know almost nothing about hearing aids, except that I probably need them. I didn’t like the ones I tried. I suppose I am grasping at straws. In our area at least, I know each audiologist has a brand that he promotes. If you go to that audiologist, you will get his brand. That’s why I have tried to do a little research on my own. Unfortunately, I probably do not know enough to evaluate what I find. That’s why I asked for help!

I am about to try Widex Clear 440 Fusion after having returned Phonak S Smart IX following a 10 WEEK trial and much fiddling around.
Which Widex did you try and what were the problems?

It has been about two years since I tried Widex, and I am sorry I do not recall the model. It was one of their smallest behind-the-ear models. I think I had a 45-day trial period, and I returned them after about 30 days. The battery door came off while I was out of town, and it was difficult to wear them in that condition. I could not tell they helped me in my most critical needs, for example, in a restaurant with lots of background noise. A young audiologist helped me, and I notice now that she is no longer with the company. I have wondered if the aids she recommended were really what I needed. Widex is a respected brand, and I doubt the fault was theirs. I did not have a good experience, and it has made me reluctant to try again, although realistically I know I need to do so. I am thinking about trying audiologists who do not just push one brand. I would like to try again with what I really need.

Highten - thanks for the info. I am hoping that the newer models have improved. I get mine next Friday so I will post my experiences.
They have to be better than the Phonak S Smart IXs that I am trying right now. I was in a restaurant tonight and could not her my wife sitting next to me because the general noise behind me had shifted my focus. Absolutely useless in any sort of background noise!!

My 2 cents, you aren’t going to like the ZIPS. They’re not really the ideal fix for any loss, and if they DO work fine, they aren’t going to be great for the future, as they aren’t a custom product, so once you need more gain, well, you’re probably going to have to buy a new product. If you’re serious about getting ha’s that work for you, I’d stay away from one-size-fits-all devices (besides rics & rites), and go with something custom.

Heighten, I have worm HA’s for 17 years and currently wear Oticon Epoqs. You will never know all there is to know because the technology is changing so rapidly. All of the manufacturers are far beyond what they were 5 years ago. The key is your audiologist. Their experience and their concern for YOU and YOUR HEARING and not their DOLLAR. If you can find that one then you will be fine. They’re out there because I’ve had them in the past. Be sure to get a commitment for a trial period. Then Good Luck.

Bloody good advice! In my short experience with HA’s you are completely knackered if you get a poor audi.

Thanks MarkHill and Soonerman - You have no idea how much I appreciate every comment. By the way, Soonerman I was born in Oklahoma (sooner territory), although I have not lived there in many years. Thanks for telling me about ZIP. I am not familiar with it, it was just advertised in our local paper and that is why I asked if anyone knew about it. Today’s ad features Phoak Spice. Another ad features Beltone’s latest. I think my main problem may be that there are only about 3 audiologists in my locality, and each features a BRAND.
Beltone (of course), another features Widex, and the most aggressive advertiser promotes Phonak. . . exclusively. I am thinking about looking for an audiologist in a more metropolitan area who might be thinking about MY need rather than promoting a favored brand. Unfortunately, then, I would not have a strictly local professional, but my experience up to now has been somewhat disappointing.

This may not be your last disappointment so be prepared for that. 3+ years ago I failed to do all the homework I should have and my Epoqs have not lived up to my expectations, although I think some of that is my audiologist. I recently had my hearing checked with my aids in, and the loss of hearing remains in the serious range in from 1.5K and up. Hence another visit with the audi that performed the most recent test to see if these aids are set wrong. Hopefully that is all it is, but this visit is not with the original company. This has left a terrible taste in my mouth concerning audiologists. I’m just saying be careful.

I’d give the office a try that carries the Phonaks. I work with mostly Starkey and Phonak, and quite honestly, I’ve never encountered a hearing loss that Phonak didn’t have a good hearing aid for.

Without knowing your audiometrics it’s hard to give you any advice about what would be appropriate for your hearing loss.

Also, if you give us a location someone may know a good audiologist in your area…


Don’t necessarily assume that because the ad features a specific manufacturer that they dispense primarily that one. Companies will often offer marketing to offices and it may be one they may not use as much as others. We have had ads in the past featuring a specific hearing aid but I actually dispense 2 other companies as well, so that hearing aid may not have been the best one for people that responded to the ad. Sometimes marketing reflects the brands that particular company favors, sometimes it’s a company that is hoping to increase sales of their product…

Just something to think about…

Thanks, Doc. I have been to two audiologists. One featured Widex and did not offer me any other choices. The other featured Phonak and did not offer me any other choices. I can tell my hearing loss is probably getting worse. I would like to try again, but these are the two main audiolgists in my area.

Ugh…well that sucks. Sorry about your lack of choices! It seems more and more audiologists are moving towards being bought-out by manufacturers or fitting groups and are finding themselves locked into fitting certain companies because of it…even though I still work in an ENT office (something the industry tends to look down on since I’m not in business for myself) I can pretty much fit whatever companies I like. They have recently asked me to add more companies actually which I am fine with, but I max out at about 3 -4. There are some that have some great niche products but to know the line-up of 4 or 5 companies, in detail, is exhaustive and tends to result in knowing a little bit about a lot of stuff when it’s better, in this industry, to know a lot about just a few…for the most part.

Where are you located??? If you don’t feel comfortable answering on this forum you can PM me if you like…or even choose not to share the information at all…lol. Sometimes audiologists can be hard to find…I know that until I came to this current office hardly anyone knew we dispensed hearing aids and would not have found us on an internet search…maybe there’s one out there that has more to offer and you just haven’t found them yet!