Phonak Wizard Needed for Southcentral Colorado


I’m a “birder” and high frequencies are the challenge. I’m wearing Phonak Audeo V90 and they’ve been great. A custom program does the job. But I need a new loss test and adjustments.

My audiologist moved away and those I’ve visited subsequently don’t compare. They spend a lot of time saying “I’ve never see that before” and “I wonder why she did this?” and “You can’t there from here”. Apparently I need a wizard. I would appreciate recommendations for Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or West Denver. (I’m 2 hours west of Pueblo and 2.5 hours southwest of Colorado Springs or Lakewood.) Thanks.



Maybe given the distance you have to travel, after you get necessary fittings in person, you need an audiologist and a set of HA’s that work with remote assistance? Just injecting mild humor but I remember a Dr. Cliff video where he mentions that he uses remote assistance to work with patients he sees from around the country. How far away are you from Anthem, AZ?



622 miles.

I’d rather drive to the Springs.



Are you any good at IT? If so somewhere on here is some very good information on self programming. Some of the members are extremely knowledgeable at self programming. Just don’t look at me though.



Only as a last resort.

The hardware, software, updates, knowledge, and wisdom make for a steep learning curve.